The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Modern Man

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Modern Man

Dec 6, 2021, 12:09:05 PM Life and Styles

People think that women are hard to shop for, but the truth is that men are much more complicated than meets the eye. They have strong interests and hobbies they know all about, plus if they have money, they don’t hesitate to buy themselves whatever they want. So how can you strike gold with your present and buy exactly what your modern man wants and needs? Here are a few inspirational ideas to rely on:

Copper face mask

The pandemic is unfortunately still going strong so masks are still more than relevant. If your man is relying on boring surgical masks that are constantly ruining his outfits, surprise him with an elegant yet more than an effective face mask. A stylish black fabric kind that’s interwoven with copper strands will not only provide protection from viruses but also stay durable for longer. These masks fit closely around the face and also reduce odor. Plus, they look elegant with every outfit from office attire to workout gear.

Dash cam

Modern guys have a bunch of tech gadgets already, but there is one that’s useful and fun at the same time that usually goes neglected—a dash cam. This piece of tech will allow your guy to protect his ride and record some interesting footage in traffic and on the open road to share with his friends and followers. Any dash cam is small and subtle and it won’t ruin his car’s aesthetic.

A minimalist wallet

Many guys buy one wallet in college and stick to it for ages. What’s worse, some choose to stick their money in their pocket and call it a day. Well, every modern man needs a good wallet that will add to his style and show his professionalism and attention to detail. With a slim carbon fiber minimalist wallet that fits into every pocket, your guy can keep all his cards safe and easy to reach. These little guys come with a money clip to hold cash safe and neat. And thanks to RFID blocking in the casing, he will also be safe from wireless theft—an amazing feature for travelers and all active guys.

MasterClass pass

The contemporary man needs to be blessed with many talents: cooking, working out, photography, fashion and many more. But even if he’s not blessed with these skills by nature, he can learn them from the best in a MasterClass course. These classes are taught by the best of the best celebrities and experts like Gordon Ramsay, Steph Curry, Annie Leibovitz and Tan France. It’s a great gift that allows safe learning from home and hours of fun for your guy.

Large desk mat

This is a perfect gift for every modern professional who loves to spend time working in front of his computer but hates keeping his desk clean and clutter-free. With a large desk mat, your modern man will get access to a great organizational tool, gadget and décor element, all in one neat gift. Some mats have under-cover storage for papers and files, some come with organizers for charger cords and some come with toolbar trays for easy access to supplies. Also, the surface is comfortable and non-slip, as well as resistant to condensation rings from his morning coffee and happy-hour beer.

High-tech alarm clock

Most people today rely on their phones to set alarms, but your modern man might benefit from some old-school style wrapped in high-tech practicality. Smart alarm clocks of today not only look dashing on his nightstand but also come with a two-stage alarm, wireless chargers, noise machine, music and podcast player, night light and other features that provide good sleep and even better practicality. This is a gift that will be used every day and every night, and maybe even turn your guy into a morning person.

Hopefully, these neat gift ideas inspired your holiday shopping and gave you great ideas that will certainly surprise every modern and classy man in your life. Do you have similar present ideas for modern guys that always work?

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