5 Things to Know About Rustic Design to Make it Work in Your Home

5 Things to Know About Rustic Design to Make it Work in Your Home

Jan 11, 2022, 11:41:15 AM Life and Styles

Over the last couple of years, the rustic home design gained a lot of traction and we can't say we are surprised at all. Emulating that XIX century homestead look when amenities were scarce, life was rough around the edges, and construction materials were completely natural, rustic design breathes in an incredible flavor of warmth, coziness, and simplicity into your home.

Let us take a look then at a couple of things you should need about rustic home design before painting your home in the colors of these long-lost, simpler, and admittedly nostalgic times.

Rustic is painted with muted traditional colors

In the great tradition of the French country décor, rustic design is, similarly, all about subtle elegance painted with muted color pallet and traditional materials like wood. Of course, that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to play with accessories and create some truly stunning layers of color. But, remember you need to make these things work together. So, if you want to make your future rustic home livelier and dynamic, the pieces and accessories you will use will most likely be green and summer yellow.

It sometimes gets hard to maintain

As we mentioned earlier, rustic pieces are intentionally rough around the edges featuring a variety of textures, shapes, and raw materials. The rustic furniture is also usually massive and hard to move. All this makes maintenance and cleaning pretty tricky, at least compared to some modern, more streamlined design trends. Of course, we don't want to undermine the value of a rustic look – you will be rewarded in the comfort and warmth. But, be sure to make the layout that will allow easy moving and cleaning.

Modernity is completely out

To put it simply, mixing in futuristic design trends and furniture pieces with the rustic setting will completely ruin the vibe you are pursuing and create one giant mess. So, if you want to nail this look we suggest that you stick with traditional Amish dining furniture and similar pieces. The shapes you want to get are imperfect but warm and inviting. The colors for the backdrop are browns, beiges, and warmer shades of white. The fixture finishes should look like copper, brass, iron, or pewter. Anything else will break the vibe.

The pieces and accents you use are very specific

So, by now, you should get a pretty good idea that rustic design almost entirely consists of wood and heavy furniture pieces. But, what about the accents and other design elements? Well, to get the effect you desire, you can't simply throw in any items that are painted in pastille colors. If you want to make your room pop up more and get a much-needed sense of texture, we suggest you stick to the traditional elements like fireplaces, baskets, warm rugs, antlers, and other things that could exist in the XIX century.

You don’t need to go 100% rustic

Last but not least, the whole idea behind the rustic design is to make your home more traditional, warm, and inviting. If you want to go with this look, small modern details will most definitely break it. But, if your house doesn't lean too heavily in any specific direction, you are allowed to throw in a couple of rustic details without committing to this look 100%. So, as long as you are not stuck in a two-tone or industrial look, feel free to throw in a cozy knitted rug, rocking chair, or a massive rustic table wherever you want.

There you have it – top five things you should know before trying your luck with the rustic home design. Bringing in the sense of warmth, joy, and simpler, nostalgic times is, by all means, a good thing but it's not for everyone and it takes a bit of space and logistics to become possible. Jumping into this time-travel adventure without considering all of its aspects can only spoil your fun.

We hope we offered some help along the way.

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