Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns

Oct 25, 2021, 2:02:37 PM Life and Styles

Probably, you have the big cavity filling or it can be the tooth that had the root canal. Maybe the tooth is stained and you wish to improve its appearance, but the Veneer was not the perfect choice for you or maybe you have a bite on the olive pit for a few months and the teeth had not felt the same and maybe it is time to consider having a crown!

What is porcelain crown?

It has advances in its strength and the appearance of the porcelain crowns had made them a leading choice in bringing back the damaged teeth to the previous splendor. The tooth that had been damaged by the root canal, grinding, fracture or decay is likely to smash from the daily use stress. But the doctors will prescribe the porcelain crown to strengthen the tooth by giving 360 degrees of treatment.

What does the porcelain crowns are doing?

The crowns are full-covering restorations that are being used to case the tooth that is seemed to damage or to break to become accurate with the conventional filling. When you take the crown, you can notice it efficiently improved the condition of the teeth through:

  • Helping to strengthen the heavily-restored teeth to stop off possible future fracture
  • Restoring the loss of the teeth structure from the heavy grinding
  • Enhancing the teeth aesthetics
  • Relieving the pain from any fracture or damage

What will you expect during your appointments?


During the first appointment, your doctor will give the full local anesthesia to your teeth being treated. Your dentist will then prepare a tooth conservatively about 1.5-2mm to be precise, to make an area for a porcelain crown.

Right after careful evaluation of the contour and the shape, the 3D scan or the impression of an affected tooth may be taken. The putty will permit for the lab ceramist to make and calibrate the porcelain crown that feels and looks like the natural tooth you have.

The temporary crown is made, cemented and polished. During its next 2 weeks, you may wish to evade from the sticky foods that close to your treated tooth, and so the impermanent crown stays put. When a temporary crown dislodge, try changing it in the soonest possible time, visit your doctor’s clinic if you cannot get this back in. The aim of the temporary crowns is by protecting you from sensitivity; then keeps your gums from turning over a prepared margin of your tooth.


During the second visit, your temporary crown will then be taken out and your final porcelain crown can be tested in and inspected for perfection. There will be an X-ray to make sure of the quality fit and the aesthetic approval. The adhesive is being applied to your tooth and the cement can be luted on the interior of your porcelain crown. Any overload cement can be taken out. You will be given with all the needed instruction in taking care of the new crown properly.

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