Things I've missed while being a college student...

Things I've missed while being a college student...

no jokes here. only facts. just a list of things I have been cryin' about this lovely midterm season.

  • not having to worry about making dinner
  • my pets 
  • having a fully stocked fridge and pantry with luxuries I cannot even think of wasting my sweet dollars on today (bye bye nutella, helllloooooo JIF chocolate spread)
  • name brand tampons
  • parking
  • FREE parking
  • dinner that is not burnt
  • dinner that is not possibly past its experation date
  • coming home to my family
  • being around adults
  • doing laundry for free (hey mom, I'd gladly come home and help with laundry now...if I may also stick some of my clothes in...hehe)
  • thinking coffee was inexpensive
  • thinking McDonald's was inexpensive
  • having my mom pick up things I needed from the store when she was out
  • not having to climb three flights of stairs to get to my room
  • going grocery shopping with my mom

I have a whole lot more to add in there but as usual...studies calls (--:

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