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I'm Marisa and just a college student  just trying to navigate life and write at the same time. I have a blog on Wordpress and the main reason I started it was because I wanted to push myself to read more (or back to the amount I read before I started college). It definitely helped me love writing again and here I am! I go to a small school in Minnesota and am studying studio art. I play two varsity sports (volleyball and track) so one could say that I have a lot to keep myself busy. I also have an obsession with whales and learning languages. So far I'm conversational in Spanish, French and Italian! I took an editing and publishing class at school and it's safe to say that is also what helped spark my interest in writing. I hope that I can share my passion of books and reading to whoever stumbles upon here.


If you want to check out my blog the link is:


My instagram is: mybookishlifestyle

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