Doon Book Review

Doon Book Review

Aug 24, 2016, 8:48:31 PM Entertainment

I am honestly obsessed with anything that has to do with Scotland and Doon definitely increased my love for the country even more!

This book is set in current times Scotland and is loosely based on the musical Brigadoon. Two girls, Veronica and Mackenna, go to Scotland for the summer of a lifetime. Veronica is the girl who has had everything bad that could happen, happen. She found her boyfriend cheating on her, her mother couldn’t care about her, her dad is not in the picture and her mother’s boyfriend doesn’t know how to keep his eyes to himself. This all helps her make the decision to go to Scotland with her best friend to just forget about her troubles for a few weeks. But what she doesn’t expect when she gets there is to have waking “dreams” of a blond Scottish man that seems to be calling out to her. She follows her instinct and tries to figure out who he is and if he’s even real. But boy did she find that out big time.

This book switches between Veronica and Mackenna’s POV, but I found myself liking Veronica’s POV better. That may be because she was more the focus, since there were more chapters done in her voice. I liked Mackenna’s but I felt that it wasn’t as built up as Veronica’s. The banter between the two girls is really cute honestly, they’re best friends and it reminds me of me and my best friends. Just the way that they can expose themselves to each other and the other will know what to say and they will always look out for each other no matter what.

Even though these girls are 18 and heading off to college sometimes they just seemed a bit young and naive and that annoyed me a little (I might just be picky though) because when Veronica finds her prince, Jaime, the man that has been in her dreams and finds out that they are actually soulmates, she forgives him for everything he does. What I mean is he does this hot and cold act where in one minute he looks at Veronica like she hangs the stars and the moon and then another he won’t even come near her like she has the plague. It definitely got a bit old and it made me not like Jaime very much. But his other brother, Duncan, was the one that captured my heart with how sweet and caring he was not to Veronica, but especially Mackenna. You could tell there was something between them that I can’t wait to see explored even further. The other characters, Fiona and Fergus were so adorable I loved that they had their own mini story in the book and you get to see how that progresses as well

Overall I did really like this book written by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon and I plan on finishing the series, which has four books total, and seeing where Veronica and Mackenna end up! So I give this a 3.5/4 out of 5 stars!

Published by Marisa Morgan

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