Detect and seize Luck, chance

Detect and seize Luck, chance

Aug 29, 2017, 9:44:58 PM Business

What I have worked to find work despite the crisis is to detect and seize Luck, chance, working hard different aspects/gears:

  • Overcome shame / fears / excuses and protect yourself against negativity.
  • Training. What skills are needed to advance?
  • Write a good cover letter to open our profile.
  • Job sites. Analyse and improve our profile.
  • Spontaneous application. As where and how to send.
  • Personal branding. Start building our personal branding.
  • Networking. Leaving mark on right people.
  • Recommendations. Ask them at the end of a job.
  • Professional Portfolio: to leave a trace / mark in the interview.

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Published by Marisa Rey

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Aug 30, 2017, 9:11:32 AM

Great) Thanks a lot)

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