Do we prepare a different presentation?

Do we prepare a different presentation?

Oct 29, 2016, 2:25:41 PM Business

If we have to prepare a presentation, besides PowerPoint, we can also prepare in Prezi. I detail a few reasons in favour for trying to use it:

  • We do not need the software, it is online, so no space inside your computer.
  • It is free and it will always be ready.
  • It is dynamic, interactive, and different.
  • It can see in detail, fills all the screen, go sailing freely or follow the suggested sequence by clicking the arrows at the bottom.
  • We can even add music.
  • To share our presentation, to be CO.

We have to be careful about using zoom and avoid an extended presentation. Then I will propose one of my presentations which only lasts a few seconds. Steps to prepare a presentation in general. 

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