Have you ever listened about CO attitude?

Mytrendingstories reached out to offer me a contributor position on their blog, where there are many topics written by different people, so it's rewarding. It is a privlege to have the opportunity to be one of these writers.

I think the best way to start i s to talk about "CO attitude": collaborate, cooperate, share, copete, coworking, creating synergies and working projects, being part of a whole. It is Just the opposite of what was once told us: "information is power, don’t share", it is dinosaur mentality. which only stood out dinosaur, doesn’t fit to talk among us and have conversations to promote collective intelligence.

How many people can work inside only 2 buildings? How many missed opportunities? These 2 rare buildings that emerge in a business area of Barcelona, depending on where you take the picture seems even curve, they want out of their individuality, approach and exchange messages with each other and start being CO.

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Published by Marisa Rey


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