Some Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Some Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

  1. Cookies and other baked goods
  2. Hugs
  3. Water. Clean water. 
  4. My dogs
  5. My voice
  6. Everyone who stops to listen
  7. A warm home to protect me from the cold
  8. A job I really enjoy, working with cool co-workers
  9. Lotion and soap and make-up that help me feel good about myself
  10. Green tea


Even though Thanksgiving is this week and December soon follows, I still can’t seem to shake the feeling that summer was just last week. I still think about summer like it just happened, but in reality, it was three months ago. Three months have gone by, Fall is passing by, and yet I still hold on to Summer. 

It’s kind of wistful. Or wishful. Or foolish. Or perhaps merely symbolic of my life as a fictional victorian novel. Whatever way you look at it… I’m still floating around in that Summer place. I think it’s probably denial; me denying myself that my life is actually moving forward after five months of sulking. 

I’m not actually sulking, but it’s a kind of strange feeling. Transition. (Humans hate change and they love control. But they love the change that they can control. Sometimes you have that power and sometimes you don’t.)

In this time of transition for adults in their early-twenties and transition for our country, be thankful for what you do have! Think about what you do best (walking your dog, making rice, splurging on yourself) and try to apply that to those who don’t have half as much. Just think about it.

Published by Marissa Martinez

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