A brief introduction to KNX home automation systems

A brief introduction to KNX home automation systems

Jan 10, 2019, 10:15:39 PM Tech and Science

KNX is an open standard which is used for commercial and residential building automation. Its technology is powered by the internet of things, due to which electric components can be connected together using a single software. The connected devices are then controlled by a central device of a ‘hub’ that acts as a control unit of the home. Once that is done, you can integrate the software into your phones, laptops or desktops.

This home automation software is used to control lighting, blinds, shutter, HVAC, security systems, audio video, energy management, display, etc. KNX evolved from three earlier standards; the European Home Systems Protocol (EHS), BatiBUS, and the European Installation Bus (EIB or Instabus)

Many households that have KNX system has saved up to 60 percent of electricity.

Other advantages that come up with KNX systems when installed by homeowners are as follows-

The system can be operated on multiple levels and works in close coordination with one another
This system supports with different mediums of communication
Home automation system goes to great measure when it comes to main gate security or in-house security of assets.

It’s a great way of saving electricity as you are able to have home control with the help of this system
It is used to control lighting, temperature, under it comes cooling, heating, and air flow
In the end, with the help of this technology, you are in charge and can customize comfort and luxury

Other features that come along with KNX are as follows -

Remote Access

With the help of remote access, you get to monitor and see what works and not work when it comes to your house environment and the alter the setting of lights, blind, shutter, etc. it also helps you keep track of activities that are going on at your office or office. The monitoring software can be integrated with any gear if necessary be it a laptop, cellphone or iTouch.


With new inventions in the field of technology, the older systems are getting obsolete. For example, the touchscreens and black boxes may look impressive, but it's the automation system that holds actual power as the software is the driving force of any automation system.

Variety of User Interfaces

There are numerous ways one can control the electronic systems and connected devices like electrical sockets, switches, etc. at your place and with the help of technology, you can control multiple types of equipment on the press of buttons of a handheld remote or wall-mounted keypad, desktop or laptop or your smartphone in hand.

The flexibility and adaptability of the knx system ensure that the home control has massive scope for sustainable future homes. Hence, The aim of Schneider Electric is to make India the hub of smart homes that are effectively controlled by their owners. The huge force that is automation technology and the connected system might seem like a new thing in the residential sphere. However, it is bound to grow multifold in the near future.

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