How Do You Start An Acting Career?

How Do You Start An Acting Career?

Dec 10, 2018, 8:30:38 PM Business

Gone are those days when acting was just considered a mere hobby and not a professional career. When you are in school, there is a lot of pressure from your parents, teachers or even friends to choose a definitive path. It is that decision-making stage, where every step you take will have consequences. For students who have supportive parents might have it easier compared to families that are not that supportive when it comes to choosing acting as a career option.

In the end, many succumb to the pressure and choose traditional courses like engineering, medicine or law, keeping their interest aside.

If you want a successful career in acting, then an equal amount of talent and practice with a pinch of luck is required. To give your career a kickstart, enroll yourself in a good college which has experienced faculty. One of the best acting schools in India is ZIMA (Zee Institute of Media Arts).

There are many acting courses in Mumbai, but ZIMA prepares the student for the upcoming creative challenges that might come up with a career like this.

Their basic guidelines of the course are as follows

-The syllabus is based on Stanislavsky's "Method Acting" model.

-Course inculcates exercises like Sense Memory, Observation, Imagination, Improvisations, Voice & Speech, Diction, Action Problems, Movement, Monologues, Scenes, Film Orientation, Play Back, Acting Analysis, Film Fights & Dance.

-By the end of the programme, the main highlight will be - practical training. In this, you will be taught how to face the camera which will lead to a professional showreel of their work for the industry. Creating an excellent opportunity for students to express their talent in front of industry experts.

It’s a six-month programme- three hours a day, three hours a week! Hence, giving you a lot of time to practice your art.

In the end, actors are seen and heard everywhere: TV, the big screen, the theatre, on the Internet, videos, etc. They portray characters (fictional- non-fictional) on screen and are destined to impact pop culture in the future. Hence, enroll yourself into great acting schools in India and improve your existing skills and build up your resumé by filling it up with a variety of performances, including theatre productions, commercials, working as an extra, music videos and anything that grabs your attention.

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