How to Become a Fashion Show Choreographer

How to Become a Fashion Show Choreographer

Nov 29, 2018, 5:03:15 PM Life and Styles

What is the first thing that pops up in your head when you think of Fashion? All the glam and glitz I am sure. It might seem easy and effortless, but that is not the case. It requires a lot of effort, sacrifice, and passion. From a viewer and fashion lover point of view, the focus is always on the models, but there is a crew of skilled people who work day in and day out to make the fashion show a success.

When you enter the fashion industry, you get to work with designers, models, makeup artists and fashion choreographers. It is with the skills of these people that the entire show gets the glam. Backstage professionals like makeup artists, technicians, production and choreographers are equally important as the models.​

Fashion show choreography falls under the umbrella of Fashion Merchandising. One of the basic necessity for you to become a fashion show choreographer is to have a bachelor’s degree. The right course entails things that will enhance your skills and make you study the basics of fashion and technology. Practical knowledge helps to bag a good position in the field of interest.

To gain practical knowledge the student shall take initiatives and participate in different competitions, whether it is organised by the college societies or at third part level. This will help you sharpen your fashion Modelling And Choreography skill and at the same time help to build a strong portfolio. The fact that a student is versed with diverse fields of learning and practice leaves a positive remark. Moreover, being able to choreograph fashion shows of all genres make you even more desirable in this field.

Fashion choreography courses is a very niche specific program to study and very few colleges cater to this specifically. Institutes like Pearl Academy have formulated a course that especially deals in this field called Fashion modelling and choreography. It is an eleven months program with four classes every Saturday. The course is divided into five modules.

  • The first module aims at providing confidence to the students in verbal, written and body language.

  • Second, Choreographer for shoots and shows allow the students to have hands-on experience and to understand what goes behind a fashion shoot and a show.

  • Third, the Photo model module will train the students on how to pose for commercial shoots, editorial shoots and also for advertisement campaigns.

  • Fourth, Catwalk model module will prepare the students on how to deal with the designer’s requirement and how to professionally walk on a ramp.

  • Then last but not the least, Fitness module will help the students to transform the body and the posture and to achieve a body required for the profession.

The major traction of fashion shows are the way how they are presented. Conducting a well choreographed show means having the fashion models well trained about how the show shall proceed. Fashion choreography is a less explored market and the scope of growth and opportunities are tremendous. It means that a professional well versed in this domain will have a bright chance to work with the best fashion curators and designers across the globe.

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