Top Furniture Trends 2018 - What’s In!

Top Furniture Trends 2018 - What’s In!

Nov 27, 2017, 8:14:28 PM Life and Styles

For most of us who are lost in revelries and merriments of the winters, 2017 is almost through now, and as we will be getting over with the festivities of Thanksgiving and Christmas, it will be time to step into the next year, 2018. This blog is for all future furniture buyers and interior designing enthusiasts as I bring you some of the biggest furniture trends for 2018.

Keep an eye out for the following décor trends along with fixtures styles and patterns set to hit the Global Furniture Market in 2018.

Wood: You cannot beat the character here. Yes, I am talking about wood. With wood being the good guy of home furniture, people now love the natural woods and their imperfections without concealment. Furniture and fixtures made of little treated, streaks marked and cracked timber are more likely to rule 2018. A mix of metal and wood is all you need to bring style and newness to your home. It is something we see in a lot of European homes. German Wardrobes which are loved by all, are actually a combination of metal and wood only.

Black: Black is evergreen, right? Well, in a way, it always has been ahead of all its competitors. Welcome black, the real protagonist of 2018. What a look it would be - a living area with all-black furniture and fixtures. Spectacular! Whether it is a bedroom furniture or living room fittings, black can enhance your well-heeled living space to a great extent.

You can include some trendy furniture pieces in your wish-list from my ‘favorite black furniture’ list having black gloss cabinet, black gloss drawers, black mirrored wardrobe, black gloss sideboards, black gloss bedside tables, black high gloss wardrobes, black gloss lounge furniture, black gloss bedside cabinet and black gloss chest of drawers.

Glosses, Mirrors, and Glasses: Glossy furniture and mirrored stuff are the brilliant duos expected to bring an elegant shine to your modern interiors this 2018. Use gloss finished tables, cabinets, wardrobes and sideboards along with metal furniture, lighting fixtures, embellished wall panels and hardware to brighten up your living area and add an aura of new-world exclusivity to it.

Shiny Metal Finishes: You can make your living room walk abreast with the modern times by using shiny metal finished fixtures. Believe me, your favorite piece of furniture, say, a black gloss chest of drawers will have the same impact as that of beautifully polished brass and bronze knobs, drawer pulls, and knockers of the chest on the overall décor.  In fact, the later may make your visitors think of you as both stylish and tasteful at the same time.


Simple shapes and minimalist designs: Can anyone or anything beat simplicity? You know the answer. Modern simplicity and clear-lined stylistic furniture emanate sophistication, peace, and minimalism, attracting one and all to the pleasantries of urban serenity that the fixtures offer. Geometric designs combined with minimalist textures and their serene color palette will be unbeatable and timeless, even in 2018. Come home after a busy day, sit, lay and relax.

Versatile coffee tables: I never believed this piece of furniture would become a must-have furniture item of the modern times. I recently bought an elegant piece of high gloss white coffee table for my living room and instantaneously fell in love with its uniqueness, utility, and ultra-modern design. Rectangular, trunk-type coffee tables are more likely to become a craze in 2018. So, watch out for this one!

Room Dividers: Yes, you heard it right. Room dividers are great for single-room apartments or studio apartments. We certainly have this one for the first time home buyers or a downsizing retirees where they can use it for separating the two portions of a room. Zone out a space using ceramics or textile-made room divider installations.

These are some of the great décor trends to look out for in 2018. As Antony T. Hincks said, “When you are lost in space, it’s time to buy some new furniture,” yes, it’s time to fill that space with furniture signifying avant-gardism or simply, the trend. If you're looking for furniture to add to your already modern home, this Shabby Chic furniture would be perfect for any new home.

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