What To Do After Civil Engineering : Career Options

Several students every year opt for bachelors in technology. One of the renowned and trusted streams among them has always been civil engineering. However, with the wave of urbanisation, it is essential to look at the broader picture. This means, looking at avenues civil engineering. Undoubtedly, the field has a wide scope

  • How beneficial is the civil engineering course is for me in regards to the college?

  • What to do after civil engineering?

  • Because of the low demand for civil engineering graduates and the competitive market of one think about complementary aspects which can benefit them to upskill themselves?

Now you need not to worry; we have got you covered,

Civil engineering courses demand a lot of time and potential. But, by the time you complete these four years, one might feel like they want to examine various things and not certainly pursue the very path they opted few years back. One of the main queries is - “What are the best courses after civil engineering”?  However, MBA courses after civil engineering is an excellent option for you want rapid growth in your career.

MBA courses for civil engineering are listed below-

  • Construction project manager- The role of a project manager is to look after the overall planning, design, execution of the project. He is the one who monitors the project from the beginning until the closure of the project. MBA in construction project management focuses on educating the students with the knowledge about project management and encourages them to develop skill sets that facilitate efficient planning and execution of real estate, construction and infrastructure projects. This program mostly emphasises on skills like project management skills,  construction, sustainability and behavioural aspects, business manage.

  • Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure Manager-  The role of Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure Manager is to look after an accelerated urbanization and modern infrastructural development. Real Estate and urban infrastructure course is an excellent fit for an engineer as it’s a perfect mix of technological and managerial skills. The program has a balanced blend of technical and administrative competencies that are required to flourish in the Indian Real Estate sector. This course will benefit you in enhancing your leadership and decision making skills, might trigger interest in someone who has a knack for real estate and industry. Colleges like RICS, School of Built Environment specializes in a course like this. It's a 2-year long course which teaches every single subject in depth.

  • Construction Engineering Manager- A construction manager is also known as a site manager, and his jobs is to manage and direct various operations within a building project.M.Tech. in Construction Engineering and Management is pointed at shaping the enrolled students' managerial skills in the area of engineering, and develop them for working as Strategists who can efficiently perform the production, commercial, and technological demands of an organization. A decision, risk management, information technology, supply chain management etc is explained to the students in this course. By the end of their degree, they are trained in a way that they can handle real-life scenarios with ease. Also, students are exposed to practical experience in labs requiring them to apply theoretical knowledge to practice.

However,  MBA for post-graduation is an excellent combination of skill and knowledge. An engineering degree makes a person technically sound, but an MBA program will help them improve their managerial skills. Now that we have given you an overlook of all the possibilities you can achieve. Now, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)is an acknowledged organization that certifies professionals in the land, property, construction, and infrastructure divisions all over the world. Specialists holding RICS qualifications can use the designations after their name such as AssocRICS, MRICS, FRICS.

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