Why Mount Litera School International should be your First preference for Education

Why Mount Litera School International should be your First preference for Education

Dec 24, 2018, 9:56:45 PM Business

Being a new parent brings into a lot of responsibilities and joy at the same time. As a parent, you want to make sure that you provide them with the best of facilities. The first thing that comes in your mind that you want to ace is education, as for your child to be successful in life, education is the foundation.

Before selecting the school for your child, go on campus tours, read their website and gain knowledge as to what are the benefits of joining the school. For a child’s overall growth and development, you can trust MLSI (Mount Litera School International, Mumbai). The school is also affiliated to IB Board. (International Baccalaureate)

IB is different from all the traditional boards, they focus on holistic growth and pay equal attention to extracurricular activities. Nowadays, even national boards are not given the same amount of preference as IB and that’s major because of the carefully curated curriculum.

One of the major perks of choosing IB is that you get the freedom of picking your choice of subjects from a group of six different subjects. For instance, you can study Spanish but at the same time learn everything about chemistry. Whereas, schools affiliated with traditional boards don’t have this kind of flexibility.

MLSI which is one of the top school in Mumbai made sure that all of the above-mentioned points were kept in mind while curating the curriculum. Hence, not only do they focus on the main core subjects like Maths, science, history etc but at the same time pay equal attention to communication, social, research and self-management skills.

Moreover, for the child to have an overall development the school made sure that extra-curricular activities are a part of their life twice a week (and they are also mandatory). With the help of these activities, the kids will learn how to handle critical situations and enhance their skills.

Not only that, the school firmly believes in giving back to society. They have an initiated a community program that motivates kids to work towards creating a sustainable environment on an ongoing basis.

In the past,  they have supported organizations that help the old, the underprivileged and projects that aim to achieve a purpose in preserving and conserving the environment and its inhabitants.

Other than that, some of the philosophies that are religiously followed by the school are -

- Treat each child as an individual.
- Engage students with real-world problems and learning.
- Making learning collaborative.
- Making learning visible.

After everything is sorted that enlists going for campus tours, meeting the facilities and students the end procedure is to pay the fees and the caution money. For that, you have to collect and submit duly filled admission form within a week after the admission offer is made. Mount litera international school fees is non-refundable and non-transferable, once paid.

Hence, enrolling your child in MLSI will shape their future, build confidence and help them with overall development.

Published by Marko Clark

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