Saudi Arabs, as limited, Hajj as announcement

Saudi Arabs, as limited, Hajj as announcement

Oct 12, 2021, 8:39:06 PM Religion

Saudi Arabia: Temporary ban on Corona epidemic lifted, foreign Muslims perform Umrah, in photos

Saudi Arabia, like the rest of the world, was affected by the global Coronavirus epidemic, during which Muslims in the holy city of Mecca were banned from performing Umrah for foreigners. But now, seven months later, Saudi officials have allowed foreign Muslims to perform Umrah at the Grand Mosque.

On Sunday, 10,000 foreign pilgrims arrived here to perform Umrah. According to religious beliefs, Muslims can perform Umrah at any time, but Hajj is possible only once a year during the month of Hajj, Zul Hajj.

Upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, these foreign Muslims had to live in self-imposed isolation for three days to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

After three days of isolation, he circumambulated the Kaaba in the Masjid al-Haram. During this time, some Muslims usually touch the Kaaba and kiss the Black Room, but this is prohibited under Code 19 precautions.

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There were lockdowns and strictures in some places in Saudi Arabia to avoid Code 19. But now they are slowly being restored. Mosques have been opened and worship has been allowed in many mosques.

In October, people were allowed to perform Umrah, but the number of pilgrims was fixed. And now it has been gradually increased and foreigners have also been allowed to perform Umrah.

In July this year, only 10,000 Saudi Muslims were allowed to perform the Hajj.

Under normal circumstances, millions of people perform Hajj every year. The picture below is from 2016 and shows a large number of pilgrims.

It should be noted that due to the coronavirus, the Saudi authorities have ordered strict adherence to safety guidelines and social distance for performing Umrah.

yah bhai ڑ

Saudi Arabs, Hajj or Umrah?

'Hajj Karna Ik Khawab Binta Ja Raha Ha'


Saudi Ministries of Hajj and Umrah Corona Virus

Yad Rah 19

It is clear that the people of Saudi Arabia are affected by the Coronavirus and the virus is a source of 1300 people plus people. Saudi government against coronavirus

Ab-Jab-K-K Saudi Arabia Arab-Ne-Corona-Virus ?

The past of Hajj

History of the pilgrimage to Mecca 629 s ky after yah obligatory hir sal ada Huta rah.

ایگرگہ Muslims Soch Bhi Nhiں Sikta Käsi Käsi Sal Haj Nhiں Ho Sikki Ga. Let it be as if there is a history of meں approximately 40 locations.

s ky Kei and faces the jin miں the house of God پ.

Year 865: Al-Safak Ka Hamila

Year 865 م Isma`il ibn Yusuf .

This is a group of people who are pregnant and pilgrims.

Year 930: Qarmatha Ka Hamila

. Year 930 m Qaramata ky sirebraah Abu Taher al-Janabi n Mecca پایک پاپیا په پریک کیا Kia Jas Doran Atni Luj Mar Ur killed and garrisoned Hawai K K K SAL TECH HAJJ NAH HO Saka.

Saudi Arab Mیں based Haہ Abdulaziz Vaanڈیhn var Rیsrچ Aیnڈ Arکaiیoz Mیں چھپnے and to Aیک Rپorٹ Mیں History of Islam Dan Orr talk کے Maہr Golden Ki-book 'Islam Ki-date' کے Hawwalے Sے Pattaya گیa ہے کہ '316 ہjrی کے and facts of Ki Ojہ Sے کsی Nے Aqramtہ ے

Qarmatha as the time of the Islamic Riyast Ku nay ta tah ur asi taruh wa riyasat ky under the mana Janey and the wali of Islam is a deviant teh. What is the name of the pilgrimage to Islam?

Shah Abd al-Aziz Foundation 


As Duran Kaaba Miں 30 Hazar Hajio Ka General Murder Hawa Ur Ended without a funeral suit, Ur shroud was washed and buried Dia Gya.

. In the end, Ik Bahari Tawan ky after Ase Waps Khanah Kaaba Miں Laya Gya.

Year 983: Abbasi Ur Fatimi Khalaftouں Miں Jagڑa

A pure pilgrimage to a day or a jangoں ky s.

Year 983 Isawi Mayں Iraq Ki Abbasi Ur Egypt Ki Fatemi Khalaftou ے ky Sarbrahan ky Darmian ky Dhimmish Rahi Ur Muslammanuں Kos Duran Hajj kei Leyi Travel Karna Nah Dia hiya. اس After Hajj 991 Ada Kiya Kiya.


'Madhi Ka Pura Madinah Aj Kai Nabawi Mosque Ka Hesah Bin Chaka Ha'


Saudi Arab Meں

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