The Benefits of Choosing Leather Corner Couches For Your Living Room

The Benefits of Choosing Leather Corner Couches For Your Living Room

Did you know that the average Australian will spend an average of 50 days a year lounging on their sofa? This includes time spent watching TV, connecting with partners and friends, playing games and even having meals. It’s clear that the lounge is the true heart of the home where memories are made, tears are shed and some of our most memorable times are spent. 

Most Australians also prefer corner couches (also called L-shaped lounges or chaise lounges) over two-plus-three sets or any other variation, precisely because of the many benefits they offer. Here we discuss these benefits of fabric and leather corner couches:


An L-shaped couch makes your space look larger, there is little doubt about it. A single corner couch can easily accommodate between five to seven people depending upon its size, leaving you room to add another armchair, a TV unit or even another 2 or 3 seater sofa if required. Corner lounges are perfect for rooms with a traditional square or rectangular layout and can immediately make a space look larger if you only accessorise it with a coffee table. You may also use it as a space divider if you’re working with an open plan layout, without compromising on the space available to you or making your room look smaller.


Enjoy lying flat on your couch with your feet up while you browse for the latest show to watch? An L-shaped couch may be for you! If you choose a chaise lounge, you can simply spread out across the sofa without any armrests preventing you from lying down in a comfortable position. If you fell asleep on your couch while watching a late-night movie, you are less likely to wake up with a crick in your neck with a corner couch.

Perfect for entertaining

With the holiday season almost here and Christmas with the loved ones back on the cards, there’s nothing better than investing in a corner couch. A corner couch offers you an extra seat and allows between six to eight people to sit comfortably and chat with each other without feeling like someone is being left out. The shape ensures that everyone can see each other without having to turn around too often.


One of the major reasons why people choose leather corner couches is because of how stylish they look. Today, you can get a corner couch in any shape and size you please, and in any fabric, such as cotton, velvet, tweed, chenille, or even leather. Depending upon your needs and lifestyle, the best fabric for you will differ, but regardless of what you choose, a corner sofa makes any space look instantly inviting, modern and timeless.


You may consider a two-plus-three set to be more flexible than a corner sofa because you can move them around however you see fit. However, when you choose a modular design for your corner sofa, this couch will come in several different chair-sized pieces that you can arrange as you please. So if you’re hesitating to get a corner sofa because of questions like, “How will it fit through the door?”, “ How will we take it up the stairs?” or “What if we want to change the position of the chaise from the left to the right when we move houses?” a modular sofa may be the answer to all of these questions.


On top of giving you more space to fit all your guests in, corner couches are actually more economical than the two-plus-three set plus an armchair or recliner you’d need to fit the same number of guests around your coffee table. Think about it. When buying a set, plus an armchair, you’re essentially paying for three different pieces of furniture, whereas with a corner lounge, you’re just paying for one.

Why should I get a leather corner couch?

Leather is a timeless material that has endured the test of time and still remains an immensely popular material for couches today. Partly due to the classy, luxurious look it immediately gives any space and partly because it is so easy to care for and so durable. It is perfect for all households, is comfortable and any spills and sticky fingerprints can easily be wiped away. A simple, annual coat of manufacturer-approved leather polish will have your sleek leather corner couch looking as good as new while also increasing its longevity. Over time, your couch will wear into a gorgeous patina, signalling the many years you have made memories in your living room and becoming a testament to the love and laughter shared on it.

And with year-end sales and holidays coming up fast, what better time to start your search for the perfect leather corner couch for your living space?

Published by Marta Jordan

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