EDM Tooling System 101: What makes it the lifeblood of Industry?

EDM Tooling System 101: What makes it the lifeblood of Industry?

By 2027 evaluation of the EDM tooling industry is estimated to be US$8.4 billion by CAGR. EDM or Electrical discharge machining is widely excepted by industries to improve machinery efficiency. It has been the answer for high accuracy, for ever-demanding machining applications for conventional metal removal. Over the years, there are many forms of electrical discharge machining that are introduced in the industry, but these are broadly classified into three categories, including:

1.Die Sinker or “Ram” EDM

2.Wire or “Cheese Cutter” EDM

3.Hole Drilling or “Hole Popper” EDM 

Here we have come up with different types of EDM techniques all based on erosion by the electrical discharge principle that was discovered by Joseph Priestley in 1770. But the methods and applications are different. So, let’s start with their brief:  

Sinker EDM. The sinker EDM machining process uses an electrically charged electrode that is configured to a specific geometry to burn the geometry of the electrode into a metal component. The sinker EDM Tooling process is commonly used in the production of dies and molds. The die sinker process begins with machining a graphite electrode to form a “positive” of the desired cavity.

Wire EDM. Wire EDM is commonly used when low residual stresses are desired. Wire EDM has no added residual stress because it has no cutting forces. There is little change in the mechanical properties of a material in wire-cutting EDM due to these low residual stresses. Wire EDM machines use a spool of wire that’s continuously moving to present a fresh discharge path in the cut. 

Hole Drilling EDM. EDM hole drilling works on the same technical principles as Wire EDM. Instead of wire, EDM hole drilling uses an electrically charged metallic electrode tool that works much like a traditional drill bit for hole machining. It gives you the ability to ability to create accurate and precise holes, even in hardened or exotic materials has been a key development for several advanced technologies. 

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Written by Marven Perez

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