Ready, set, interview.

The countdown to the end of summer fun times is about to begin, can you hear that major *DING* sound? That is the sound to go back to the beautiful reality of being productive and utilizing your unique skills into something good.


Let's consider the following scenarios (with no specific order):

  1. You graduated from university (I welcome you to the work life).
  2. You recently feel like you're no longer motivated to wake up every morning to be at the office.
  3. You've been released from your duties, because your services are no longer needed.
  4. You've been at home for a while and you decide to get back to the workforce.

So, the titles for the above scenarios would be (Respectively):

  1. Fresh graduate
  2. Demotivated
  3. Unemployed
  4. House wife

The reason why I mentioned the above scenarios is (unfortunately) at some point you will be labeled and these titles could be negatively approached (again unfortunately). You are educated (not necessarily graduated), but skilled. We are all skilled, each one of us is better at something than the other, update and improve your skills. You can never stop learning.

Decide if you want a "job" or a "career".

You have now decided, "I want to work!". Your willpower is there, your motivation is also there, and now you need to prepare.

At this stage, you become familiar with almost every "job" site available on the worldwide web. You submit your resume to tens, if not hundreds, of "job" vacancies, and finally you get called in for an interview.

Let's prepare YOU for the Interview- The Tips, but not limited to:

  • Practice breathing and mindfulness- before and during the interview.
  • Be friends with your weaknesses and strengths- find your selling point (even if you've been out of practice or you're one of the above "titles" I've mentioned, embrace what and who you are)
  • Relate to the vacancy requirements- do you have what is needed?
  • Practice your answers- most interviews have common questions, practice the answers beforehand Out loud, use a mirror or practice with a friend. You're telling your own stories, so tell them with passion.
  • Be specific and straight to point- Don't be general by giving "beauty pageant" answers, make sure to give specific examples to how you handle situations, that is a good way to portray your skills.

Don't forget:

  • Dress appropriately- not flashy, not revealing, and not casual.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Bring in an extra copy of your resume (only because some interviewers think it's a trick to see if you're organized enough).
  • Maintain posture.
  • Shake hands with confidence.
  • The need to fill the vacancy is mutual.
  • Be comfortable.


The one thing I realized about those sites is some are defined as a "job site"and others (like are defined as a "career site". That alone is progress. We spend our time looking for a job, the employer gives us work to do, and we are entitled to a limited number of "sick days". But rarely you find an employer who is willing to offer you an opportunity to pursue a career, rather than just working a job for a salary at the end of the month.

My only wish in this topic is for employers to treat an interview like a chance to know who the potential candidate for their vacancy is, rather than a nerve wrecking test. Make the interviewee feel at ease to be as open as possible during the interview, and my dear interviewer, that is the way you'd be able to achieve or get the required information and feel from your candidate.

-Thank You-



Published by Marwa Patz


Aug 26, 2016, 2:51:30 PM

Great post! Thanks. It's really helpful.

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