How do escape rooms help in team building?

How do escape rooms help in team building?

Apr 13, 2019, 1:46:43 AM News

The escape games, besides being as fun activities for the whole family or a group of friends, can provide multiple benefits in business.

With the team building in the St Louis Escape Room, several factors are improved: communication, leadership, internal organization, orientation to results ... And all this can be done in groups of 2 to 5 people or in larger groups focused on a specialized game.

Benefits for workers

1. Encourage them with recreational and leisure activities. This makes them live with their companions in a relaxed and entertaining environment.

2. Getting out of the usual work routine is always a good thing because then you return to work with your batteries charged and with good humor to face any challenge during the week.

3. Generate links with colleagues outside the workplace. Who would not like to see their partner at the bar having a drink? Thus creating friendships with common purposes will always make you feel better.

4. Reinforce mutual trust within the team. This is a very important item for both employers and workers.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

1. Detect individual roles. If each employer knew the strengths and weaknesses of each worker in their company could focus their work to improve both. But not only that, in each Escape room you need a person to lead the rest of the group, and being able to recognize who has this capacity is essential for entrepreneurs.

2. Help to establish group objectives. Each person knows what aspects are best to be able to get ahead. That is why you can delegate certain functions or jobs to people who can do it better. This will boost the work performance.

3. Analysis of actions before possible conflicts and/or tensions. Having fun in a small space under pressure helps to improve stress and tension

4. Increased motivation in their workers. Overcoming challenges, solving puzzles makes them feel satisfied with themselves.

Teamwork and team building in escape rooms

  • Communication

Communication is the key element in activities for team building. There must be clear about the main objectives not to go forth wasting time. Clear and effective communication will help to win the game in the escape room.

  • Organization

A good organization in team building activities is paramount. If there is no organization or communication in the group, the enigmas cannot be solved in an appropriate way, said Drew Roberts the director of marketing at the escape room business. You always have to know when to delegate functions to someone more prepared than you and thus be able to continue advancing.

  • Fellowship

With the differences that each person has in terms of character, it is important to respect each other in order to work as a team.

In short, team building activities have become important just because they create unity in the team. Individuals from different departments or with different characters put their batteries and work for hand in hand to solve the puzzles and challenges that are presented before them.

So ... how do escape rooms help in team building? Communication, leadership, staying locked in a room with a well-defined goal ... get out of there! Get all minds to work in unison.

Published by Mary Fontenot

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