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"I had never met one so honest, charming, loving and caring yet at the same time carefree, cunning,her ego was confused for her confidence, her politeness hidden in her rudeness, she brought out the good and bad in people without them realizing. she is like a puzzle, words are the charm she uses.Her intoxicating presence is one to grace over and over yet her silence speaks more. She is a wonderland all want to explore. The enigma we might never understand.  one that never ceases to surprise,mystery we all would love."  This is how a poet would portray me. (How i imagine one to)

But this the real me,

My name is Mary Muema. I am 22, Kenyan, lover of almost everything, Is it weird that i ask a lot of questions even when am not supposed to?  Cockroaches freaks me out, i don't hate them though not that i would be capable of hating such innocent creatures, i love butterflies.

I tell so many stories about me, some which i cook to try and make my life more interesting, but deep down am just a simple girl with a big heart and great ambitions. A Christian who has been taught the fear of God and respect to all. A believer of change and good, of words are power, more powerful than a sword.  I mould words,create stories, paint ideas, A writer.

I am a fighter working hand in hand with my flaws to become  a conqueror.

So, hallo world.

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