Ghosts from my future

Ghosts from my future

Aug 28, 2018, 3:41:02 PM Life and Styles

When i said goodbye, I could have sworn i meant every word. I had said what i had to say. Bitterness and anger blinded me, bringing out the raving, crazy unlikable part of me. When i said goodbye, without looking back at the good times, wiping away all the memories, how much did you hate me? As i walked away, without looking back to see you down on your knees, to see how desperately you wanted to work things out, did you know that i was making a mistake? That it would all come back to me? Why did you not stop me? Why did you not say a word? My mistake, i never let you.

When i said goodbye, my ego and pride bigger than my ability to make decision, I preferred to dance in the moonlight instead of building a shade in the scorching sun. I wanted more than just counting stars, to touch the stars, making he that taught me how to dance cry.

 Do i sing you Hallo (by Adele) or do i write you a letter? But i am afraid it will never reach you, why did you not warn me? How do i make amends? You said the dance floor would never feel the same again? How hard it must be for you to dance.  Did you find another? She, who appreciates your dance? I was the key to your happiness, so you said, i hope i left the door open and you didn’t have hard time being happy. Did i do good to say goodbye?


So do i go back in time to my shadow self, to dance in the fields with the scorching sun on our heads, to hold hands as we walk down the stream? Dear shadow self, when he goes down on his knees, may it be to make you his own. Make your words sweet music to carry him away and make his tears,  on the dance floor, dance like you'll never dance again, live every moment and when you say goodbye, be sure to never look back for then your questions  will have answers, never wondering  how it could have been. I hate to hear you say, "i should have known” be very careful before you say goodbye.


"Be patient enough to identify the real reasons why you meet people, situations and moments in time or else you would be patient enough to analyze the real reasons why you missed people, situations and moments in time in regret or in wonder"




Published by mary muema

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Dec 31, 2016, 10:30:49 PM

Muema, you touched me with your words that you paint your story with. I hope that he returns and learns to forgive you. Sometimes life's lessons can stab you in the heart, but only if you let them. Please tell me that you are submitting your prose to publications.

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