My Fitness Journey- Hello!

My Fitness Journey- Hello!

Aug 26, 2016, 10:46:32 PM Sport

            I was fit and very single about a year and a half ago. But guess I fell in love, I'm still in love, and I also managed to gain a little weight. Thirty to be exact, that's how much weight I gained with boyfriend over the time period of 16 months. I swear fitness was definitely made for single people to look their best. It's kind of crazy because they have all the time in the world to make sure that they are in tip top shape, to go on their next date, or a guys and girls night out. Working out too; can be for couples, I think the realization only comes after you've been too comfortable with each other, and you aren't able to fit into your clothes anymore.

             So I say to all of you, welcome to my blog were you'll follow me on my fitness journey. I've taken the first steps of my journey by joining a cross-fit fitness center. I've managed to do two class sessions already, and boy do I HURT AS HELL! Every part of my body is aching to the core, my legs feel like logs, and my bottom feels like someone stuck pins and needles in it. I'm so glad I made the decision to get back into shape. 

              You'll see fitness progress updates from me, meal prep videos, cooking videos, and short workout videos to get you guys motivated. I hope you are all willing to come join me on my fitness journey. This is a great start to a wonderful future for me, and you!






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