Pay Attention!

Our words should be faith-filled, laced with the confident trust and belief that God is truly able to do what He has promised. No, your circumstances may not line up with the word that God has spoken, but when you take it upon yourself to continue not only believing but speaking what you believe, you shall see what you are saying. That belief works both ways. If you believe your circumstances over what God has spoken then you will speak fear and doubt. 

Somethings take time to grow. Just as the natural seed the farmer plants has to develop roots and receive the proper nourishment, it is the same with our words. We must be patient even as the farmer, allowing the seeds of character, hope, perseverance, and even the earnest expectation to be worked into our lives. 

I encourage you today to pay close attention to your words. Give yourself a fair chance to see the harvest you are expecting by speaking what God has already said, not what you see with your natural eyes. The Bible tells us plainly that the just shall live by his faith. Faith is not based on what we see, but on the hope that the eternal God will perform that which He has promised. Faith is that confident hope that we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Faith is that assurance that God never reneges on his promises. He is more than capable of bringing to pass what He has already spoken. God invites us into partnership with Him when we believe what He says.  Again I ask, what are you saying?

Father I pray that faith-filled words will begin to come forth out of our mouths. May we fill our hearts with your Holy Word so that we may speak what you say and not what we see. May we take heed to meditate on Your principles day and night in order to receive the nourishment our soul desperately needs. In Jesus name Amen

Grace and Peace be unto you,

Mary Pinckney
Breakthrough Coach ~ Breaking you through to a better you!

© Mary Pinckney, November 2016

Published by Mary Pinckney

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