As I sat this morning, quietly listening to the waves crash upon the shore, I heard the Holy Spirit say “write where you are.”  So here goes, my raw thoughts from this morning…

It’s morning, as I sit and watch the waves crash upon the shore, I can’t help but reflect on Your goodness. How Your love surrounds us and overshadows us, even when we fail to take notice. How Your blood washed over our dirty, sin filled souls. You cleansed us from all of our guilt and iniquity.

It is times like these I want to just jump in and get wet; just to bask in Your presence until all my fears are gone. I want to dive into the sea of Your love and just be at peace, be at rest.

Life sometimes takes us by surprise, but You are always constant, just like the waves of the sea. You are always present. Your love never fades away. Your love is so refreshing, so breathtaking, it’s so hard to imagine life without it, life without You.

The stillness of this moment makes life so worth living. The birds fly without a care in the world. The sea roars in contentment, in worship, settled into what You created it to be. The sun fades away in the faint distance as the clouds give way to rain.

My heart, so heavy, so free at the same time because only You know how to wash away my pain. You took away what I once held so dear; my worries, my doubts, all my concerns and washed them all away. You reminded me of Your great love for me and how you will always stay.

You are always there, so constant, so consistent like the roaring sea. Why should I fear? Why should I be discouraged? You hold me all so near. You wrap me in the sea of Your love, now I have no fears.

I wade in a little bit deeper just to experience what I have been missing. Fear has kept me at arm’s length, never fully experiencing life’s fullness. Never fully launching out into the deep; the depths of Your love will never harm me.

So today, I give myself freely to You, Your love, Your touch; desiring Your healing Hand to restore every broken part of me. Every tear, every pain, every heartache I have contained, cast it into the sea of forgetfulness right now, I must. Longing to bask fully in who You are, in Your love so true. The sea of Your love has captured me. It stills my soul. It reminds me of Your great love; Your Son, Jesus You sent from above.

I’ll hold on to Your hand as You lead me to new depths in You; never forgetting You are with me, every step. You promised to not leave me, abandon me You won’t. It is the sea of Your love that holds me so close. So near I can taste You yet so far, I pant after You, not wanting to let go. You won’t leave me, no. You won’t ever let me go.

I sit and I watch in awe, in wonder at the works of Your hands. It’s so majestic, yet so refreshing all in the same breath. Your power so quaint yet well-defined with each wave. You have taken me captive. I can’t seem to pull away. So, I will just sit and be overtaken by Your great love. I’m here Lord, I’m here to stay.



© December 22, 2015


Published by Mary Pinckney

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