Pale, thin fingers reach up from where she is situated on the carpeted floor. Soft tips lightly touch his face, delicate and feather-like.

Hooded gunmetal blue simmer darkly beneath the dim orange light. A little half smile plays upon the edge of her lips, innocuous but enigmatic. Cool fingers rest themselves on the sides of his face, cradling him gently. For just a fraction, her smile widens.

He sighs.

Seated himself on the antique leather sofa, he does not make any attempt to stop her indecipherable action. Clear silver eyes return her unfocused staring blue: she is looking at him, but at the same time she is not. He opens his mouth.

“Hello.” – The word falls out practiced from his lips. His face is neutral as he speaks, tone not so gentle but also not brusque, infallible courtesy.

Her smile becomes a toothy grin then, eyes sparkling ever so brightly, but there is still no clarity in the depth of those blue orbs.

Blurred and wavering.

“Hello.” – She replies, innocent and quietly joyous, “I can finally see you again.” Splayed fingers cupping his face tighten in a miniscule motion, oh so careful not to hurt him.

“I see you every day.” – He closes his eyes, a polite smile present across his calm expression.

“No. You do not.” – For a second, the depth of those wide angelic orbs harden like diamonds, “You see her. It is not me you see.” Just as fast as it comes, the diamond is melted away into two fairy pools of subtle longing.

He remains silent. Piercing eyes always focus on her, but he is not for her.

And she understands perfectly. Her eyes bore into his soul through precious silver, searching for gaps, and perhaps, hope. Then she smiles, leaning until their foreheads touch.

“Bye-bye.” I love you. The eyes that smiled at him then, smile again, brighter, more brilliant, yet resigned, and wistful.

Then sleep comes.

He catches her as she falls forward. His passive mask never once leaves its rightful place. He looks down at the fragile girl in his arms, dark raven hair obscuring a flicker of sentiment in those chilling orbs.

And steel blue eyes open once more, slow and groggy.

“Did I fall asleep?” – She asks, using him as a leverage to straighten herself.

“Yes.” – He answers simply, holding onto thin forearms to steady the girl.

“Oh.” – She utters tiredly, rubbing her eyes in circular motion with the heels of her palms, “I have a feeling I had that strange dream again…” She mutters, pinching the bridge of her nose in remembrance.

“Which one?” – He is quiet, to not disturb her still buzzing mind. He sounds so gentle, so very caring. Hard silver melts into quicksilver, metallic but much more tender.

“Hm…me, but…not me.” – She shakes her head, the back of her head throbbing. This happens every time that dream occurs.

“I see.” – He nods with a small smile, “It is just a dream, is it not? I should think it unnecessary to get distraught over it.” He touches their foreheads together, eyes closed peacefully. She looks at him, feeling as though he is no longer speaking to her as he continues.

“No matter what, there is only one you. And I’d kill to keep it that way.” Penetrating silver against deep gunmetal, boring deep into the darkest part of her soul, his voice resonates loudly in the halls of her mind.

Somewhere, somewhere in there, something is breaking.

Published by Mary Thuy Tien - Wonders About Writing


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