Dear Me!

I read somewhere today that we get to know a lot of people in our life but hardly we get a chance to know ourselves. So this one is to meet myself..

Dear Mashal,

You have had amazing 25 years of life. You met so many different people some stayed, some left, some taught you great lessons and some just filled your life with happiness. Allah has been very kind to you. Yes you had been through tough times but HE was always watching over you, protecting you and eventually made you realize that hardships are just to make you stronger. Youwon’t deny that those experiences actually taught you amazing lessons.

Know that your scars are beautiful in their own way, your imperfection is beautiful. The best thing about you is that you are a crazy optimist. You look at the brighter side of the picture first and think everything is going to be fine and get settled as it is destined to be. You cherish very little things in your life yes you do sometimes ignore the bigger things, but its okay. You still have a lot to learn and you are doing good.

At times you feel you’re weird and stupid and crazy but that’s okay. All this is what makes you different. But hey! Stop expecting from people too much and getting yourself hurt every time. Not everyone on this Earth is worth it. You are lucky to have a bunch of people in your life you can confide in but you trust people way too easily and expect from them way too much. You need to change that!

You love to love people around you. You love to make them happy no matter what it takes! This is why you get rewarded by Allah. Yes you do get stubborn at times which is why you have silly fights with your Amma, Baba and Brothers a lot but I am happy that you are trying to work on that too. Changing yourself for the ones you love is not a big deal after all.

Know that nobody is ever going to completely accept the person you are, except for yourself. Deal with it! You can’t please the whole world. Keep making mistakes, that’s the part of growing up. But don’t try to hurt yourself for the ones who don’t deserve it. Those who do, won’t let that happen anyway.

Keep spreading love and smiles! =)


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