Love, Lover & Beloved!

“I am a burning candle,
Thou art the morning light.
If I do not see Thee I burn.
If I see Thee I vanish.
This is my condition in separation and nearness.
I can neither bear separation nor presence.”

Some moments ago, while I was lost reading a book on Sufism (Gulshan e Abrar) and trying to escape the real world for some time, my father entered the room and inquired what I was up to. Instead of answering him, I asked a question in return unintentionally, “Baba, How would you define Sufism?”. He went quiet for a moment, answered my question and left the room. His answer left me perplexed and restless and I could not stop thinking about it till now..

I happen to belong to the family of great Sufi Saint of later Chishti SilsilaQibla Alam Hazrat Khawaja Noor Muhammad Maharvi (R.A). Probably, this is the reason I have always felt strongly attracted towards Mysticism. This is not the first time my mind has bogged down in such thoughts. I’ve always loved listening to the stories of Sufi saints and their journey to find their BELOVED, from my elders and then keep pondering over them for days. My restless mind finds solace in such discussions wanting them to never end. But I believe the more you go deep down into it, the more puzzling it gets. As they say it,

“Jo samajh mein aa gaya phir who Khuda kyun kar hua…”
(If its understood, how can it be God..?)

So basically it has been quite a long time since mysticism has held a fascination for me and all the answers I think I have found till today revolves around seeking DIVINE LOVE. The Ultimate Love! The human form of love can be, and for a Sufi is, the stairway to Divine Love. A kind of love in which nothing of you remains. A kind of love in which the lover no longer exists. The only thing for him which exists is his BELOVED. He transforms into a complete vacuum and then there comes a stage when all the attributes of that BELOVED start reflecting in the lover. As they say:

“Ranjha Ranjha kardi, Main aapay Ranjha hoyi….”
(Repeating Ranjha Ranjha, I became Ranjha myself…)

When these attributes of your Beloved start reflecting through you, it takes over your consciousness, your heart, mind and perhaps your whole body. As my BELOVED is all GIVER and MERCIFUL so that will start reflecting through me as well. I will try to be all giver and merciful regardless of the fact that how others see it. The only thing that matters to me is that I am a lover and the attributes of my BELOVED reflect through me because its not me anymore, it’s HIM within me. This is actually the Human Development I believe. You become merciful for all the nature regardless of religion, cast and creed because that is how my BELOVED is.

Although for a commoner like me, it might appear as the highest level of sacrifice and patience which is probably very hard to achieve. But it is above all that for those who are in love. They do it, because they love it. They do it because it’s not them; it’s their BELOVED reflecting through them.

This is just a speck of my understanding of Divine love. To fully understand it, I think my whole lifetime would not suffice. Just like Baba replied to my question,

“You cannot encapsulate an ocean into a drop….”

Published by Mashal Hassan


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