Post - Eid - Post!

Post - Eid - Post!

Jul 12, 2016, 7:57:47 PM Entertainment

Belated Eid Mubarak Everyone!:)

So how was your Eid? That’s the question I have been asking everyone I talked to in the past few days and received mixed responses. Their answers helped me come to the conclusion that this one occasion will always be celebrated in a special way no matter how busy we get in our lives. Eid will always give us an opportunity to take a break out of our fussy routines and celebrate with our loved ones.

This might be the after-effects of the blessings of the month of Ramadan that loved ones come together and celebrate (no matter how far they are from each other). However, it surprises me that it does not even take us a single day to come out of the Ramadan-mode. The whole month we control our ‘Nafs’ and make ourselves do good deeds like praying, doing charity, being nice to others and controlling our aggression. As soon as we find out about Chand (this time it was zabardasti ka Chand), we jump out of our Ramadan mode as if it was a huge burden, probably a jail for us. People pouring out of their homes, partying, abusing, fighting and harassing women has become a trademark of our Chand raats. The question is why it takes just a few minutes to let go of whatever we earn in a whole month? Why so soon? Why the peace can’t stays inside us for a little longer?

Let us take a moment and think. Have we become so inconsistent that we have totally forgotten what the true beauty of life is? My friends, lets realize the fact that the way we treat things around us, they treat us the same way. We take Ramadan and it’s teachings for granted and that’s exactly how it comes back to us. It goes away in a flash leaving us empty handed. We destroy our inner peace and then we start looking for it in other artificial stuff. Just take out a moment and think how the universe works. Every action has a reaction. What you give, shall come back to you. So expect to get back what you are giving to others and to the society. And remember our souls will never find peace in artificiality but in being a good human being and spreading love!

Try making an effort. I know you can!:)

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