We the Selfish Creatures!

Life is terrible at times. Sometimes you want to make things happen in a certain way but you end up messing it all. That is when you realize how incapable and powerless you are. That is when you find out that everything will happen as it is destined to happen and not according to your wish and will.

Human beings are super selfish creatures. They hurt others. They break others hearts. They make them vulnerable. We all have been selfish one way or the other. We make the choices we want without realizing how it is going to affect others. But the burden of hurting another person will rest heavy on your shoulders at some point in your life. There is no running from it.

This does not mean that the whole human race is comprised of heartless monsters but the truth is at some point of life even the people who care the most will do something that needs to be forgiven. We hurt people because life is all about choices. At every step of your life you have to choose. And with every choice, there is a possibility that someone around you will be hurt with what you choose.  Usually we end up causing the most pain to the people we love the most. That may be because we know they will always stick around no matter what happens, no matter how we treat them, no matter what we choose over them. However, they deserve a lot better than this. But if hurting them becomes inevitable at some point, try to minimize the damage as much as possible. Pray that the pain you are about to give them makes them tougher and stronger. Hope that it does not break them. Because whatever you are going to give, will eventually come back to you sooner or later. This is how exactly the nature works:)

For those of you who get hurt by the people you love the most I want to say one thing. It’s okay to be afraid of being vulnerable in the hands of someone you love, if it weren’t that way, it wouldn’t be worth it!


Published by Mashal Hassan


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