Moving Day

Moving Day

Feb 16, 2017, 12:53:50 AM Life and Styles

I've been away for a while because I was moving.  I'm sure everyone has moved at some point and been through the process.  Was it easy for you?  Did you move due to business or pleasure?  There are many reasons why someone would move and you proceed with that move.

I've moved so many times since I was born. I was the product of a military father.  With that we moved every three years or less.  Never more, until he retired.  Even though my parents handled he bulk of the moving and the packing by the movers, I always watched.  That lead me to being an anal mover myself.  Even my mom be like "What?"  LOL  But it makes for a smooth process.  

So you're probably asking what do I do when I move?  What makes my moves so flawless?  I typically start packing the moment I know I'll be moving.  I either go to the Uhaual store and buy labels or order them off Amazon to go on the boxes.  The labels state what room the boxes need to go to.  I absolutely love those!!  I still make notes on the boxes like "Computer" to ensure I know where specific things are. Using those labels help you and the movers themselves.  All my kitchen boxes were placed in the kitchen.  Don't need to look anywhere else.  Love it.   I pack things I don't use regularly and probably won't need until I move.  I save the things I use regularly for last for week before the move.  Since I go to church twice a week, I keep those outfits out and and whatever I need for work.  Now, if it's a local move by this point should already have most of your clothes in your new place.

I like to get the keys to my new place at least 2 weeks before my lease is up on the current place, especially if it's a local move.  Why do you ask?  Not only do you not have to stress, you have plenty of time to get everything moved and cleaned. Once you get the keys, begin moving things that may not go in boxes.  What kind of things?  Pictures, clothes, odd shaped objects.  By moving day, you should have 95% boxes and furniture and makes it easy for the movers.  I don't know about everyone else, but on moving day I'm not trying to look for my necessity items. So most of those are in my car in a 'go bag'.  The stuff that is not in the go bag normally have "Open First" on the box.  Those are normally loaded first so they can be unloaded last.  Get up early one moving day to ensure last minute things are taken care and everything is ready to go.  Make sure you have walkways clear for the movers to walk.  If you hired movers make sure you have their payment and have read ALL the information that was given to you.  If you have friends and family move you, have plenty of water and possibly lunch (we always do pizza) for them.  Hired movers won't have time to sit and eat.  Have water available and a tip if they do a good job.  Follow up to ensure all items get on and off the truck.  I had great movers we hired and I was loaded and unloaded in just about two hours.  

Of course, no move is perfect.  Mine was pretty close to perfect.  What kind of hiccups did I have with my moves?  This specific time I was getting my internet turned on at the same time the movers arrived to the new place.  Trust me, it wasn't planned that way.  The cable guy should have been there a bit earlier, but he had an issue that delayed him.  Then the dinning room table wouldn't fit through the door.  We had to take the legs off the table to get it though the door and put them back on once we got it inside.  The movers were great through.  We took the legs on and off and they moved it.  Easy.  It's stuff like that, that I typically have to deal with.  Nothing too major.  

Overall, my move was very good.  My recommendations?  If you plan on moving, as soon as you know you're moving, start packing.  It things as organized as possible.  If you plan to hire a moving company, do it as soon as possible and make sure you read and understand ALL the terms and conditions.  Label boxes by maker or moving tape.  ALWAYS plan and prepare.  Make sure you have an adult that knows where things go at the new place when the unloading begins.  Nothing worse than having to move stuff around that day after moving.  Stay consistent with your packing to keep confusion down.  

Have you moved recently?  Do you have any moving tips?  Please share your moving tips.

Published by Mashawn Mickels

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