Aug 5, 2016, 4:00:00 PM Creative

Use to be friends

Was down for you

Down like 2 flat tires

Loyal to a fault

Yes I know

That's my problem

Didn't see the signs

Always made excuses for you

Blind to the colors of the rainbow

That you shed

Until you stabbed me

Not in the back

But front and center

In the chest

Once upon a time

I would have cried

Asked why


I pull the knife out


Ask was it supposed to hurt

Deep down I knew

Knew that your true colors are

Knew who you really are

What you thought

Would cripple me

Leave me helpless

Left me better off

Better than I was

Before we developed

This so-called friendship


Yes you

Made the decision

To end this friendship

I'm accepting that loss

Moving on


Quiet Storm (C) July 2016

Published by Mashawn Mickels

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