Ovik Mkrtchyan’s views on the threats of global warming for humanity:

Ovik Mkrtchyan’s views on the threats of global warming for humanity:

Jan 29, 2022, 10:50:10 AM Opinion

Ovik Mkrtchyan’s views

We face an impending environmental disaster


Questions about global warming have been raised for decades, but in the past few years, researchers have been talking about it not just as a problem, but as an impending environmental disaster. Many scientists even agree on the estimated figures, noting that 2040 could become a point of no return year for our planet if humanity does not change its approach. Melting ice caps, rising greenhouse gases, illegal logging and countless fires are just a few examples of the wasteful activities of people around the world.


What can be done?


Experts argue that ecological transformation is possible only in the case of mass awareness - when each person begins to contribute to climate change - because it is anthropogenic factors that are the most destructive. If this does not happen by the end of the century, we will face incompatible heat, extinction of species, rising sea levels, outbreaks of infectious diseases, food shortages and an all-round global crisis.


The situation can be stopped by achieving carbon neutrality on the planet - a balance between greenhouse gas emissions and their absorption. The replacement of thermal power plants with nuclear power plants, the development and implementation of innovative technologies, the restoration of forests, the reduction in meat production and the transition to waste-free production will help achieve a scenario. Already today, many entrepreneurs have embarked on the introduction of technologies that prevent the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


A good example of such approach would be that of SIA EGG ENERGY, established in 2015, one of the founders of which is Ovik Mkrtchyan. This enterprise is engaged in the disposal of chicken manure and its processing into biogas, which is then used to meet the needs of the people for energy. Moreover, the waste remaining after the production of biogas is used to create organic fertilisers used in agriculture.


Ovik Mkrtchyan is quoted as saying:


“At the start, we understood that the waste of such a large company as Balticovo, which produces 800 million eggs per year and covers the needs of about 20 Nordic countries, can become a real environmental weapon, so chicken manure must be processed. That is why it was important for us to make production completely waste-free, so as not to harm the environment even more.”


Biogas production is another effective way to improve the ecological situation and prevent the release of methane and nitrous oxide into the environment. Being a decay product of anaerobic bacteria, it becomes an excellent alternative source of energy and at the same time allows us to save the natural resources of our planet.


“The bitter truth is that in the pursuit of hoarding, many entrepreneurs do not think about the global consequences of a wasteful attitude towards nature and its resources. It is important to understand that already now the ecological situation is on the verge of a catastrophe, and if we continue to do nothing, there will come a point of no return. As long as it is in our power to fix this, I propose to act in this direction,” concludes Ovik Mkrtchyan.







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