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I am a Lover of books of all shapes and sizes, but i do prefer order on my shelves. I am a Science buff and Amateur Astronomer, though i am currently studying at University to change that Amateur into Professional.

I always find that there are so many books to read, so little time. I have a bad habit of buying a new book when i already have a massive pile to-be-read and then rereading a book i loved. At this rate i will never finish my to-be-read pile.

I love setting myself reading challenges, nothing like go read 100 books or anything like that. I mean challenges to get me out of my comfort genres as i call them. You know the genres you always return to, For me that's Sci-Fi, Thrillers, Adventure and Non-Fiction.

Some challenges i have set myself are

I noticed a lack of female authors on my shelves so i set myself a challenge to go find 5 female authors who don't include a love story plot. (had to make it hard, plus i don't like love stories)

I found myself reacting negatively to YA suggestions, so i made myself go find one that i love and i had to like it enough that i didn't complain about the reduced detail or briefness of the story.

Picked a topic i completely disbelieved in and grabbed a book that tries to convince you its true

i'm always open to new challenge ideas to draw me away from my usual Genres.

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My goodreads account and its never ending to be read pile

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