What's really required for leadership

What's really required for leadership

Aug 31, 2016, 2:52:19 PM Business

This may be the best definition I have ever read about what is required for truly effective leadership:

You do that by living long enough with a person or long enough with a system to ask them the questions that they don’t want to have to answer. And then the system is disturbed, and people have to reform around what they discover about those answers.

That is quote from Gil Rendle.  You can read the whole article here.

There’s so much in that two sentence statement.  It entails several important things that I’m able to identify.  Effective leadership means investing a great deal of time – it doesn’t come over night, but is developed over a lifetime really.

Effective leadership is focused on relationships with people – not just any relationship, but rather open relationships based on trust.  You can’t push someone into an uncomfortable situation and disturb a system if you don’t have trust.

Effective leadership also requires one more thing – vision.  In order to do anything that Rendle is saying above, you have to have vision – you have to see beyond what is right there in front of you.  Really, it’s about seeing what’s not there and what could be there if only…  And that “if only” can’t be forced on someone else.  Rather, it is be bought into by others.

What do you see as essentials for effective leadership?

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