Why do people submit themselves to things they know they don’t like?

Why do people submit themselves to things they know they don’t like?

Aug 25, 2016, 1:30:57 PM Religion

Who do people who despise, can’t stand, and wouldn’t vote a political party candidate watch video and read articles about that candidate when they know they are going to just get upset?

This is not the same as reading an article from an opposing viewpoint with an open mind or a desire to understand how someone could come to support the other candidate.  Are they looking for something to find to confirm that they are right about the candidate?  But one piece of info is never enough – we need a daily hit of it apparently.  Or so it seems if you follow what people post on social media.

I wonder, it is because in a society in which there is only the dichotomy of left/right, right/wrong, what else could there be?  Christians carry a false belief that they have to change the government – where did that idea come from?  When did we mix up Jesus’ call to be Christians and serve our neighbors with our false belief that we had to change the culture to fit our beliefs?  It’s as if we have traded in the Good News with some idea of what good government is.  Have we traded the belief that salvation comes from Jesus in for a different faith – one that claims that our salvation comes from politicians and government?  That’s idolatry.

We spend so much time focused on fighting over partisan politics – at least here in the US we do anyway.  We spend great amounts of energy, effort, money, time, and attention over who’s in charge of the government and complaining about what the government is doing and not doing as if it is the government that is called by Jesus to carry out Christian discipleship.  Maybe we’ve forgotten something essential about Jesus and Christianity.  Jesus didn’t go and petition government.  Jesus went out and did stuff for his neighbors – in spite of government and long established cultural divides.  And he calls on us to go and do some important things too – like feed the hungry, visit those in prison, clothe the naked, visit the sick, journey with the outcasts of society.

Why are we so damn focused on government as if it is the most important thing in life?  What if we took just one hour from all the fighting over government and went out and did something that Jesus called us to do instead?  Just one hour.  Can we put our fighting aside?  Can we actually live like Christians for a just a short while?  Or are we only interested in having the label Christian so we can sit at our smart phones and computers so smugly pointing out how the other side is wrong.  That’s not what being a Christian is – that’s more like a modern-day Pharisee.

I find myself reading fewer and fewer partisan political posts and articles.  They are just more of the same rhetoric of a partisan political dogma that I reject.  My faith isn’t in government and politicians and political parties.  It’s in God.  Where is your faith and trust?

Published by Matthew Best

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