Key features of Taxi booking Platform in this automation world

Key features of Taxi booking Platform in this automation world

Today, Taxi Mobile Apps have become essential for any taxi business. TaxiApp is the main moderator between users/drivers. It saves you a lot of time and effort for your journey. From this application, anyone can order a taxi anywhere without any hassle, and also, drivers can register themselves. This Taxi booking application has a lot more features that are easy to understand for anyone. On this application, the passenger can choose the driver he likes and another side driver has the right to accept or reject the passenger's request. There are so many features of the Taxi booking application. Let’s discuss some features here.   

Driver side features 


In the driver-side authentication, drivers can register themselves by providing some account details. After that, they can log in to the Taxi Booking application. Also, there is a change password, and the forgot password option is available. They just need to give the registered email id. The driver can update information from their profile.  

Set/Change vehicle and Accept or Reject ride request:

If Drivers have multiple vehicles to drive then they can add multiple vehicles with their details. Drivers can choose one vehicle at a time for a drive. and also the request received for a ride from the user can be accepted or rejected by drivers.  

Emergency SOS Contacts:

Emergency SOS contacts are the most important part of any application to stay safe. Drivers can get immediate help from their nearest one in any kind of situation. 

Track & Pickup Passenger:

Drivers can track users' pickup locations in real-time with an estimated time to reach the pickup location on the map. The driver will be able to set his current location and show the arrival time to the passenger. 

Detailed Payment Summary:

At the end of the ride, the driver will get a summary of the detailed payment of the ride with various details. Also, both will receive an e-payment summary on the provided email. 

Vehicles Management:

Drivers will be able to manage their vehicles as they can add a new vehicle and delete their unused vehicles.  They can also set one vehicle as to the default vehicle for a drive. 

Live track of a journey with navigation:

Advanced navigation guides drivers picking up passengers from their current location and leaving them at the desired destination. Drivers can track their entire journey with navigation and estimated time to reach users' destinations. 

Emergency SOS Contacts:

Emergency SOS contacts are the most important part of any application to stay safe. Drivers will get immediate help from people close to them in any kind of situation. 

Many such features are available in the taxi booking application. you can get more information from Swayam Infotech. Taxi booking application developed by Swayam infotech

Passenger side features 


As we discussed on the driver side, the same thing is applying to the passenger side as well. If any new person downloads the application then they must have to register themselves on the taxi booking application. after only they will be able to book a cab/car. they can change their password from the profile and also update or edit the information.  

If any user forgot their password then they can easily recover by providing their registered email and the user will get instructions for their password. 

Set/book Pickup Location and cancel the ride: 

Passengers can set the exact pickup location by dragging on the map very easily. Also, they get auto-suggested place addresses to avoid confusion about location. A passenger can find a taxi from his current location without going to the taxi stand. They can book a taxi and send a request to the driver who suits them. The taxi booking application also allows a passenger to cancel his / her ride for any reason. 

Track Driver Location and Take hold during traveling:

The passenger can track the current location of the driver. So they can estimate the time of the driver’s arrival.  During the journey, if any passenger wants to take hold for a particular time then the taxi booking application provides a chargeable hold. 

My Rides With Different Filters and Driver favorite list: 

Users can filter to view their previous booked rides. they can view all rides, view complete rides, view approved rides, see disapproved rides. Passengers can also add a particular driver to their favorite list for future booking reference. 

Live Tracking and Emergency SOS Contacts:

Users can live track their whole journey with the navigation and estimated time to reach the destination place. Also, there is an Emergency SOS feature for security purposes. with the taxi booking application, Users can get immediate help from their nearest one in any kind of situation. 

The taxi booking app provides a very simple and easy feature for both the passenger and the driver. Swayam  Infotech Taxi Booking app develops in Android and iOS operating systems. This application is easy to install and use. Taxi applications have been designed to have a three-way structure because they provide interaction between the passenger, the driver, and the administrator.

Admin side features 

The feature helps business owners to look at every aspect of their business from passengers or driver’s registration to the payment process. they can see the total number of drivers, users, and country on the dashboard. Also, there are cms setting options so they can easily edit/update or delete the content.  also, they can add/remove the country. 

From the admin side, the admin can set the accept time of the request, they can see the reason for ride cancellation and payment. payment method can be added or deleted by the admin only.

There is a great need for the Taxi Booking Platform nowadays. Swayam Infotech has partnered with and helped with many startups and businesses. You can contact Swayam Infotech to develop a taxi booking application and website, Either for your business startup or grow your existing business through its provided smart solutions and services. Also, Swayam Infotech has a Taxi Booking Product ready you can visit and you can schedule a meeting for detailed discussion.

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