11 Weighted Exercises for Arms

11 Weighted Exercises for Arms

May 4, 2019, 12:52:09 PM Life and Styles

Exercise is one of the healthiest ways in which people can lose weight and get a well- toned body. There are some areas of the bodies like thighs, stomach belly area, buttocks and arms that tend to become obese because of fat accumulation in these areas. There are targeted exercises that are needed to get rid of this fat accumulation and get a well- toned body.

The arms tend to become fat and make the overall body look out of shape and obese. For strong, well toned and lean arms there are many weighted exercises that have been designed to target the fat on the arms. Using exercise tools like dumbbells, kettlebells and other weights is a great way to get maximum benefits from such exercises. You can also make use of weighted sleeves to make your exercise more effective.

The following are some of the top-weighted exercises for arms:

Weighted Exercises for Arms

Lateral Raise with Dumbbells

A lateral raise is a sideways raise of the arms while standing straight and carrying dumbbells in both hands. These lateral raises can be done for both arms at the same time and can be done one arm at a time. The weight of the dumbbells is based on the strength of people using them for exercise.

Overhead Extension with Dumbbells

Another great exercise for the arms is an overhead extension. Standing straight with the feet slightly wide apart and holding the dumbbell above the head with both hands is the first step of this exercise. The second step is bending the elbows and then lowering the dumbbells behind the arms before extending the arms back above the head.

Bicep Curls

This is a popular exercise for arms where people exercising hold the dumbbells with elbows bent and palms facing forward. The exercise is to pull the weight up towards the shoulders and repeating the process for at least 8 to 12 reps at a time.

Dumbbell Row

A dumbbell row begins by placing one hand and one knee on the bench and holding a dumbbell in one hand and keeping the other leg firmly on the ground. In this position lifting the dumbbell up by bending the elbow and then putting it back down is the overall exercise. Doing a few reps at a time will tighten the stomach and tone arms.

Bench Press

The traditional bench press exercise is a great exercise for arms. Laying on the back on a weight lifting bench and then lifting the barbells parallel to the chest works the muscles in the arms. Repeating this exercise for a few reps regularly is a great way to tone muscles.

Two Arm Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebells are a type of weights that are become very popular in gyms for arm exercise. A great exercise is to hold the Kettlebell in both hands and bend the knees in a slight squat position. After this, the next step is to swing the kettlebell between the legs for a few reps at a time. This is a great full body workout that also helps the arms.

Dumbbell Punch

Boxing or punching a punching bag has been a common arm exercise. A variation of this exercise is to hold dumbbells in both hands and then in an alternative action, punch the air one hand at a time. This tones the muscles in the arms.

Pullovers with Dumbbells

Pullovers are a mix between dumbbell exercises and bench press. Lay back on the bench in the same way as a bench press and then gently lifting dumbbells directly above the head is a great idea. This exercise needs to be repeated at least 12 times at a time in one session to tone arms.

Chest Press with Dumbbells

The chest presses with dumbbells are a similar exercise for the arms as pullovers. In this exercise, people lie flat on the ground on yoga mats with knees bent above the floor. The next step in this exercise is lifting the arm to lift the dumbbells above the chest. This exercise tones the arms and stomach.

Back Fly

This is a great exercise for the arms. The back fly exercise is an exercise when people bend forward at the hip and then lift arm with dumbbells in a lateral sideways position. The dumbbells are lifted sideways and this is a great way to tone arms to get a great workout.

Lateral and Forward Raise

Lateral arms dumbbells raise is a sideways raise of dumbbells and this exercise can be alternated with a forward raise of the dumbbells in a straight standing position. This alternating movement creates a rhythm and is a great exercise for the arms.


These exercises mentioned above require different types of weights which start from 5- pound weights. These weights can be very heavy weights and are dependent on the strength of the people exercising with these weights. Lean and strong arms make people look good as well as give them more upper body strength and these exercises are also perfect for toning arms.


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