5 Fashion Trends You Will Never be Ashamed of

5 Fashion Trends You Will Never be Ashamed of

Mar 27, 2019, 1:27:13 PM Life and Styles

Fashion is a capricious lady. What’s ever been in vogue may turn into a piece of junk in a year or even earlier. It is most likely that your attempts to keep up with current trends will make you confused at some point. And here is a good reason for confusion. Playing with chic extremes, you never know when the carriage will turn back into a pumpkin. Denying fashion altogether, you risk becoming plain and boring, even to yourself.

But of course, there is a perfect middle ground for ladies who want to look stylish and keep their outfit reasonable at the same time. Do not get upset if any of your past fashion experiments made you feel awkward. In this article, we will highlight some trends that will never let you down. All of them were first introduced a long time ago and by now each one has become timeless.

Feminine silhouettes

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If you think that feminine looks only belong to period films and old ladies, think again. Back in 1947, Christian Dior created the New Look aiming to highlight the beauty of a woman’s body with a tiny waist and a full skirt. Givenchy was the one who brought this vision of perfection to the screen with the help of eternally feminine Audrey Hepburn. Since then, pretty skirts and dresses have never come out of fashion. If a fit-and-flare dress looks too traditional for you, try replacing it with a romantic blouse and knee-length skirt. Such a duo is completely suitable for college, the workplace, or a romantic date.

Animal prints

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They first came in vogue when colonists brought animal skins from Africa and Asia to Europe. Maybe back then animal clothing was a manifestation of the utmost luxury, but today you do not need a fortune to wear animal prints. You can still use your favourite custom research paper writing service and buy a chic zebra-pattern dress. A modern woman unravels her true nature in urban jungles, advertisers say, and they might have a point. Animal prints make ladies feel free and stand out in the crowd, allowing them to catch curious glances. If you feel ready to face the unknown this spring, an animal-printed jacket or reptilia-pattern bag will be a perfect choice!

Menswear-inspired clothes

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Feminine attire is chic, but beautiful dresses may become overwhelming to those wearing them most of the time. It was Coco Chanel who popularised pants in the distant 1920s. Since then, we usually enjoy tuxedo jackets, ties, and brogues on women. A compelling quality of manly clothes is versatility. You may choose an oversized jacket, like the one Julia Roberts wore to the Golden Globes in 1991, if you like retro looks. Or you may choose slim-fit pants and brogues for a modern look.


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This trend in women’s clothing is deeply loved by some and strongly feared by others. A style that came into daily use during World War II, military wear became common for civilians, including ladies. Further promoted by Burberry (the recent story of whom we just love), military trench coats climbed to the top of the fashion industry. In contemporary clothing, military colors (olive green, khaki) and accessories (boots, epaulets) make the person wearing them chic and confident. Enjoy wearing military style elements if khaki stands with you well. Just avoid wearing all of them at once in order to not make your look too aggressive.

Floral prints

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What can be more timely for spring than florals? This trend never goes out of fashion in women’s clothes and it has taken a special place in men’s wear. There are so many different floral prints, not even mentioning accessories, that you can easily wear your favourite flowery dress or blouse for as long as you want. Floral ornaments always make you look positive, vigorous, and feminine—the qualities we like so much. Therefore, we do not anticipate flowers to become outdated. Not after a long winter anyway.

We selected these fashion trends to show that some fundamental designs never become outdated. Wearing any of these (in a reasonable quantity) will never make you look vulgar or old-fashioned in your everyday life. Stick to your favorite styles or try something new if you are ready for experiments. You can make a stylish look using items that seem quite ordinary at first sight.

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