6 Essential Food Packaging Tips for Business Owners

6 Essential Food Packaging Tips for Business Owners

Dec 31, 2018, 9:40:06 PM Business

The grocery industry makes millions of different products every year. And this number keeps rising by the day as more products storm the market every day. However, this drastic increase in products that hit the stores and shopping malls each year makes it difficult for brands to stand out. Take peanut butter or cereal, for example, today, we have about 50 or so different types of brands of these products. All of which are competing to have you purchase their products. And the same goes for soft drink brands and other products as well. If anything, it might even make a lot more sense having your products packaged in Duraclear packaging bags. This way, your customers will know exactly what they’re buying.

Smart brands already know that a strong packaging design and graphics is more important today more than ever to keep brands in the fight and appeal to customers. Good, outstanding packaging designs and graphics also help consumers to identify products from a variety of brands easily. So, you might want to re-evaluate the packaging design of your product if it isn’t already doing you much service.

Food packaging, for example, works to help promote your product and persuade consumers to purchase them. So, you want to put sufficient effort in this section as you would in manufacturing and even selling your products.

Consider these essential food packaging tips to help enhance your product sales

1. Integrity

If you want consumers to purchase more of your products, you need to make them trust your business and brand in general. And a large part of that trust revolves around keeping the integrity of the products you sell intact.

You realize that most brands edit their product images for their packaging. However, other brands dramatically change the entire looks of their products in the process. But then, you can see how this can turn out to be a huge problem especially towards the brand itself. It ends up creating a false expectation about the products that you sell. Simply put, you’re basically telling your clients one thing from your product packaging, and they get something else that’s entirely different. You can see how this can taint how clients view your products from that point onwards.

Consumers often face the harsh reality where they buy a product hoping that it turns out as what it looks like on the package. But that never really happens.

2. Shelf impact

Grocery stores and many other food retailers are also constantly thinking about the best packaging designs for their products. Businesses even go to the point where they pay special attention to how their products appear on shelves. Thus, shelf impact.

Retailers who place their products on shelves must consider their product’s placement. They, therefore, must consider how different packaging designs look when places together. The patterns that these packagings create is also a factor that they have to consider as well. So, yes! It is possible to change the look of a particular package when you place it next to a different product.

In such cases, sometimes less can mean more.

You, therefore, want to ensure that your packaging design stands out from the other products placed next to it. When this happens, there is a higher chance of your consumers seeing your package or reading its label.

3. Usability

As a retailer, you need to go for the packaging bags that your consumers can always reuse. Duraclear packaging bags, for instance, are quite reusable after consuming the contents in them. As long as you keep them in pristine condition, they can serve you for an extended period.

So, as a business, you don’t only need to consider the label on your packaging product, the container you use is also just as important.

You don’t want to have your product consumers struggle to remove the last bits of your products from under the packaging containers. This will only stress them and have them reconsider why they bought the product in the first place. Small details like these matter a lot in the eyes of your consumers. So, ensure that you don’t leave anything to chance.

Consumers might be thrilled to purchase your product and even use it. Only to realize later on that the packaging doesn’t allow them to use the last bits of the products. You also want to ensure that you look into this issue as well. Make your products more accessible to your consumers even after they have purchased them.

4. Clarity

When consumers buy products from stores, they usually go for what they need. Not unless the packaging design of some other products catches their eye. But you find that most people only go for the products that fit their requirements.

This is the reason why most food packaging makes it difficult to choose one product from a variety. Take juice packaging, for example. You find kid’s juices, sugary juices, and healthy juices all on one shelf. This can make it especially challenging if you have difficulty in choosing between a healthy green blend from a sugary kid’s drink.

The same counts for solid foods too. Meals packaged in clear packager like Duraclear bags are easy to spot and purchase. You don’t have to second guess about what’s inside it as you can already see it.

5. Authenticity

As a business, you also need to strive to make your packaging design consistent with your brand at all times. This makes your brand more authentic. Consumers tend to relate more to brands that are more natural. So, you might want to have your packaging design be more down to earth as possible. At the same time, you don’t want to compromise on any detail that might cost you consumers and sales in general. So, try and avoid using bright colors in your package branding as these might make your brand look or feel fake.

6. Versatility

As a business, you also want to package your brand to make its design more versatile. This will help make your product brand grow more quickly and become more noticeable among consumers.

Consider it a way of adding new flavor to your already spice meal. You can also always choose to go the simple, more direct approach by using Duraclear bags which show everything in your packaging. Nobody, especially your customers will have to second guess what’s in your product package.

Final thoughts

It doesn’t matter which food or product packaging value that you intend to implement. As long as you put your focus on the main course, and follow this guide, you should witness more product sales. All you need to do is strive to make your product stand out more than your competition and let everything else work itself out.


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