A 2020 Guide to Brightening up your Bathroom

There are a lot of different rooms in our houses where they all have important roles. Our kitchens are for cooking, our dining rooms are for eating, our living rooms are for spending time with the family- and we all know what our bathrooms are for! However, doing these jobs isn’t enough; rooms need to look the part as well. A lot of people tend to put decorating to one side as they can’t be bothered, but it’s actually really important (in my books at least). This is particularly the case with bathrooms, as your overall experience will be a lot more pleasant if it looks nice inside. It can be a bit difficult to make a bathroom look nice, however, but that’s why I’m here today. Here’s my 2020 guide to brightening up your bathroom. 

One of the first things you could consider is purchasing some Designer bathroom accessories. Now, there will probably be quite a lot of empty space in your bathroom, whether this is on shelves, the floor or on the walls. This means you have quite a wide range of choices which is all the better for you. Without making things appear to be too crowded, you could try hard to fill up these kinds of spaces. Look for simple things that will serve a practical purpose as well- these could include a matching set of bathroom cups to store toothbrushes in, some nice baskets to store face cloths or even some aesthetic soap dispensers. These won’t cost too much and they’ll do a lot to upgrade the overall aesthetics of your bathroom- this will impress guests and whoever else sets foot in your house. 

Lights are also a really important feature when it comes to bathrooms. The truth is that no one wants to sit in a dimly lit bathroom while they are doing the toilet, and conventionary lamp shades don’t tend to cut it in bathrooms. What you need to do instead is to find a light that looks really nice and lights the room up as well. Chances are your bathroom is surrounded in white tiles, and these look a lot nicer when your light reflects all over them, and shows off their true colours. Trial out some different lights to try and figure out which ones will reach the furthest in your bathroom. They should look good on their own as well- make sure they fit your bathroom style though. Don’t go and buy a big modern light if you have an old fashioned bathroom as it’ll just look out of place. 

You could even think about buying a TV for your bathroom. Not only will this look good and add to the modern appeal your bathroom offers, but it’ll bring entertainment as well. Just imagine ling back in a nice hot bath and being able to watch your favourite shows without the risk of dropping a phone or laptop into the water- this could be a great addition to your bathroom and will look the part as well. 


Published by Matthew Piggot


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