Gel ball blasters buying guide

Gel ball blasters buying guide

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Hydro guns, otherwise known as hydro blasters or gel blasters, are pieces of sports weaponry that fire gel ammunition. In terms of makeup, the gel bullet, otherwise known as a gel ball, is a sphere approximately six to nine millimeters in diameter. Initially formed as a dehydrated pellet, the gel ball is saturated with water until it swells to its maximum size. The guns come in a variety of styles that include comic-style assault guns, science-fiction models, and traditional models that have the approximate design of a real-world weapon. All of the guns sport a bright orange muzzle tip to ensure everyone knows they are toy guns.

The guns fire the gel balls via a metal motor, which feeds balls from a hopper to the firing chamber. A compressed spring expands and powers the gel projectile. Depending on the skill of the shooter, the so-called bullet then splatters painlessly against its intended target. Gel blasters are used for indoor shooting arcades, business morale building, and war maneuvers for gamers. Blasting is a lot of fun, and blasters are popular. That said, prior to buying a blaster, you should consider the features of each gun. Not doing so can leave you with a gun that does not fit your style, one that is not safe, or one that is made poorly from a knock-off retailer.

1. Style

The style you should choose depends largely on the playing field and space. For instance, pistols have slightly weaker spring force that reaches approximately 150 feet per second. Consequently, they cannot shoot as fast or as far as rifles, making them an excellent choice for indoor play. For outdoors, you will want a long gun of some sort. Long guns are those with a barrel, and they come in the form of sniper rifles, assault rifles, or sub-machine guns.

2. Ammunition

Ammunition comes in two types of hardness. Soft balls travel slower than hard balls. Balls used in competitions are super hard. These travel the fastest out of the muzzle.

In terms of ammunition, you need to buy a gun that matches the available ammunition of your choice. Most ammunition ranges in final sizes of seven to eight millimeters. However, some guns can shoot balls up to 15 mm in size. It is best to purchase guns from a dealer that has the matching ammo.

3. Retailer

When you want to buy gel balls or blasters, it is best to do so from an established online retailer as some upstart websites actually broker products from other retailers to the customers. Of course, these brokers add their own fees into the purchase, which means you pay more. Additionally, established retailers offer the widest range of products and accessories for your blasters. Finally, a reputable blaster dealer will have proven customer service available to you when you have questions or when it is time to re-order.

4. Warranty

Unlike real guns, gel blasters are fun toys used in a variety of competitive tournaments and private play. Unlike basic toys, they can cost hundreds of dollars for the best ones. Consequently, you will want to heed guideline number three as only an established retailer will stand behind a warranty. Startup sites might offer excellent customer service and warranties, but only proven sites will actually deliver should something with your blaster fail.

5. Build quality

Build quality is critical in any decision to purchase as you need to ensure your blaster can perform under pressure. For instance, although the plastic frame of any gun will be durable and likely to never break, you need to purchase proven models with sturdy connection points. Tripod mounts must be able to endure opening and closing without snapping. Additionally, as the shooter shoots from a hidden position, the mounts need to support a certain amount of weight. Finally, and most important, the hopper connection needs to be secure and tight as the hopper represents the key supply source for ammunition. Other parts of the blaster that must involve superior quality include the handle, which will likely carry a lot of the weight during transportation.

6. Limitations

The styles of the guns may look like various types of guns, but they are toys. Consequently, you must approach them as such. For instance, sub-machine guns only fire as quickly as you can pull the trigger. They are not fully automatic. Additionally, shotguns fire one ball. Unlike real shotguns that fire multiple pellets out of one shell, only one gel ball at a time emerges from the barrel of a shotgun. The styles of each weapon are largely for fun. They do not necessarily indicate matching performance to their real-world counterparts. 

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