How Do Famous Psychic and Mediums Discovered Their Gifts? Read This!

How Do Famous Psychic and Mediums Discovered Their Gifts? Read This!

Apr 20, 2019, 9:36:16 AM Life and Styles

Psychics and mediums have the uncanny ability to predict future events and communicate with deceased persons. While many people are skeptical of these abilities and dismiss them as fake, a significant number believe in these “gifts” by psychics and mediums. This could be somewhat due to the natural fascination of humans to the extraordinary and supernatural. Some psychics and mediums rise to fame by making seemingly accurate predictions significant events and high-profile cases and making convincing claims of communication with people who are long dead. The social media and entertainment industries have propelled some psychics and mediums to greater heights of fame due to wider audience exposure and sensationalized coverages of their feats.

As humans are naturally curious and inquisitive, we always have that inkling to know how things began. The famous psychics and mediums around the world have different stories of how they discovered their gifts and how their journey to fame eventually began.

This time, we are going to make a “reading” into the pasts of these famous psychics and mediums, and get to know them more, especially on how their gifts came to the surface and made them known.


Psychics and mediums claim to have discovered their abilities or gifts through dreams. Most of had these drifts when they were young. Frank Andrews, for example, had a dream at a very young age about the passing of a neighbor. The news about her death came the next day, which convinced him of his extraordinary gift. Dreams can be considered as an extension of a person’s consciousness, especially the subconscious part. Following the psychological model, the conscious mind can be likened to the tip of the iceberg, with the significantly larger parts submerged in the unconscious and subconscious levels. Frustrations, anxieties and probably innate abilities of foresight can be found in this level of the mind. Psychics claim to be able to connect with this vast area of the mind and unlock this connection through their dreams.

Stress and Hardship

Regardless of the claim that humans only utilize 10% of the mind is true or not, the human mind is truly powerful and during exceptional circumstances, can elicit superhuman precognition in a stressed or emotionally-challenged individuals. One of the body’s natural reactions to stress is heightening of the senses and alterations in consciousness. These alterations can sometimes unlock powers of the mind such as foresight. Some psychics such as Theresa Caputo, claim to have went through stressful and difficult situations early in their lives, which forced them to rely on their heightened senses and newfound gifts.

Near-Death Experience

Taking things a notch higher, some psychics and mediums claim to have been on the verge of kicking the bucket before they discovered their gift. While most of us would think that there is nothing out there but a faint light at the end of the tunnel when we are about to die, surprisingly, psychics and mediums claim to bring back with them the gift of foreseeing the future and communicating with spirits. Talking about near-death experience isn’t a laughing matter and could actually be life-changing, as in the case of Angel Eyedealism, who claims to have gained psychic abilities in this manner.

Guidance from Another Psychic or Medium

Sometimes, the person that can help a psychic to realize his/her abilities is another psychic. Although the psychic ability of a person has already manifested, it could sometimes take another psychic to make them understand their gifts and use them properly. Famous psychic and medium John Edward learned about his abilities after visiting a psychic at a young age. Although skeptical at first, John was convinced of his gift and the veracity of psychic abilities when the psychic accurately described personal details about his life.

The famous Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo also received guidance from another medium. Although she already awakened her spiritual power at a very young age, she wasn’t aware yet on what her gift really was and how to properly use that gift. Thanks to her mom’s intervention, she was able to receive guidance from a medium who helped her accept her gift and hone her ability.

The investigative and inquisitive nature in us can help us understand things that are extraordinary. Knowing some of the ways famous psychics and mediums discovered their gifts can help us understand these gifted and famous persons and learn more about them. We don’t necessarily have to believe in them, but we can at least appreciate how they came to accept their extraordinary gifts and live extraordinary lives.



Published by Matthew Piggot

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