How Progressive Slot Machines Work

How Progressive Slot Machines Work

In today's online casinos you will find not only classic slots with payouts for certain special combinations of symbols but also a whole range of other games. They include the progressive slot machines, which work just like a normal slot, but offer the chance to win significantly more money. 

Basically, nothing has to be done differently compared to the game on a “normal” machine. However, there is one peculiarity here — the largest wins, fantastic prizes are normally waiting only for the gamers playing with the highest bets. It refers to classic jackpot games. With progressive ones, the situation differs a bit.

How does a "progressive slot work?

Anyone who has ever played at a slot machine knows that to win, a certain arrangement of the symbols is needed. In case, when icons happen to make these “sets” frequently, the payouts are low. The biggest win jackpot symbols that pay out the maximum amount of the slot machine appear extremely rarely. 

However, a progressive jackpot is not just about the machine you're sitting in, but all of those types. The jackpot amount is accordingly higher. In order to participate, a small extra amount must be used, so that the progressive jackpot is always a different award that is growing depending on the number of players making bets and sums of their stakes.

Since the progressive jackpot is usually limited to a themed slot, you can imagine how much money this will provide. In most cases, there will also be a jackpot ad above the slot indicating the current status. It works as the main attraction: “You can win 2 million jackpot now!” This idea is simple but perfect because in this way the jackpot can rise much faster. After all, you not only pay yourself but also all the others who just use the same slot.

The jackpot with no upper limit

Another feature of the progressive jackpot is the fact that it has no upper limit. It is gaining until one of the players finally gets the correct symbols displayed and the money is distributed. The casino also has no interest in providing the jackpot with a limit, because the larger the promised award is, the more interesting it will be for the players. 

In most cases, amounts between $ 500,000 and $ 10 million or Euros are reached. Here much depends on the slot popularity also. The largest-ever online progressive jackpot reached 17.8 million Euros. This was played on the Mega Fortune slot. The future winner was betting at Mr. Green. 

The other cool progressive slots that paid a lot are:

  1. Mega Moolah;

  2. Hall of Gods;

  3. Jackpot Giant;

  4. Mega Fortune.

The difference with fixed jackpot slots

If you compare a progressive slot with a normal one, the first difference is the type of jackpot. “Normal” jackpots are fixed and cannot be extended. Of course, this is not bad for sums of several 100,000 Euros, but if you can win millions, such a jackpot looks rather small. Progressive slot attracts with its coolest chance — get millions and change life once and forever. 

Fixed jackpots are won more often. This is much more difficult with the progressive jackpot because of very low chances to get a special symbol (symbols) “set”. Nevertheless, it exists. Bonus rounds, on the other hand, are available for both slot variants.

What should you pay attention to?

It may seem, you cannot do much wrong with a slot machine, because you only have to pay a certain amount per round and touch a button. Unfortunately, here, many gamblers make mistakes. Many players use progressive slots but then play only with the minimum bet and few paylines. As a result, the extra wager that needs to be paid for the progressive jackpot makes the game itself almost unprofitable. 

When you cannot win at least a small amount in between, it also makes the game less fun. It is therefore advisable to make the extra bet for the progressive jackpot to set the maximum amount at the slot and also to buy the maximum of paylines. This increases the chance to make small profits and makes them bigger: the higher the stake, the bigger the potential profit. However, you cannot change the percentage of the progressive jackpot, because you will be awarded the same extra amount to win the extra jackpot.

Are there any disadvantages with progressive slots?

It would be wrong to say that progressive slots have no disadvantages for the average player. One of them is the fact that the really high winnings are less likely to be achieved. In addition, the progressive jackpot can be much more addictive than a normal slot. 

This is caused by a significantly higher amount of profit. And last but not least, it's the cost that comes with each round. These are higher due to the extra amount for the progressive jackpot.


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