How SEO can Help in Business Marketing

How SEO can Help in Business Marketing

Feb 6, 2019, 1:57:50 PM Business

If your business has an online presence, you’ve heard the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) thrown around. You’ve also heard that, in today’s digital world, it’s the key to reaching a wider audience and making more sales. Well, you heard right.

In short, SEO helps your page to rank highly in search engine result pages, increasing your brand exposure, website traffic, and in turn, your bottom line. Here are these and more benefits in detail.

More Receptive Audience

Outbound advertising methods, such as spam emails and cold calls, fail for one reason. They target everyone, including customers not wishing to hear from you. As you’d expect, this reduces the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Inbound advertising methods like SEO, on the other hand, do just the opposite. They target an audience already searching for information about products and services related to you. And as such an audience is more receptive, you can see why SEO is more effective.


More Visibility

Optimizing a page for targeted keywords improves your ranking for those keywords. So, whenever a client types them into a search engine, it displays your page on page one. And if you’re really good at SEO, the page even appears at the number one spot. Here, you receive more brand exposure, seeing that more clients see and interact with your site.

Greater Brand Reputation

Consistently holding a top spot on the first page of a search engine has a welcome side effect. With time, potential customers learn to trust your brand and to associate it with certain keywords. Remember, they already trust Google, which accounts for more than half of all search engine traffic.

So, they assume that, for it to rank you this high, you must be a reputable brand. In this article, Homepage SEO Strategy That Works – Don’t Get Stuck On Page 2, Adam White says to use your homepage to build brand trust with Google.

Better User Experience

In the past, search engines ranked a page on keywords alone. But for the last few years, they have included content quality and user experience in the rankings. For instance, for a page to rank highly, it has to contain credible links, high-resolution images and videos, and valuable content. In addition, it must be fast-loading and easy to navigate. As you’d imagine, these changes have resulted in better user experience.

More Traffic

After a while, targeting the right audience, increasing your brand exposure, and growing your online reputation bears fruit. You draw more visitors to your site, and they keep increasing at a steady rate. After noticing this growth, track its momentum using analytic tools. This way, you know where to improve so that you direct even more traffic to your site.

Higher Conversion Rate

Receiving more online traffic is every entrepreneur’s dream. But, as far as sales go, it’s only half of the story. The other half is converting the traffic into sales. Or, to put it in another way, you must convert casual visitors into paying customers. Granted, not all will oblige. So, seek to convert as many of them as you can.

And here’s where SEO comes into the picture. Remember, it draws only interested visitors to your site. And when they arrive, it offers valuable engaging content and a user-friendly environment in which to consume it. As a result, visitors become more receptive to your brand message, making them more willing to buy your products or services.

More Sales at a Lower Cost

The combination of high traffic and high conversion rates leads to you making more sales. And what did you do to generate more sales? You only optimized your website for SEO. And although SEO still costs money, its overall cost pales in comparison to that of traditional advertising, such as billboards, newspaper ads, emails, and cold calls,

Longer-Lasting Results

But where SEO leaves traditional advertising in the dust is in how long it remains effective. An optimized page ranks highly for months or even years. And during this time, it continues attracting traffic. More importantly, you don’t pay search engines to keep its ranking. Their algorithms do that autonomously.

In contrast, a billboard eventually comes down. An ad in a newspaper can only be read so many times. And that email or cold call can be, and often is, rejected by a potential client.

Better Return on Investment

This brings us to the last benefit - return on investment. With SEO, you pay less to attract more customers for longer. For this reason, you get better value for your money.

As more customers look to the internet for products and services, you cannot afford to ignore SEO in business marketing. It not only makes your brand more visible, trustworthy, and valuable to customers, but it also increases sales as a result. What’s more, it’s cheaper yet lasts longer than traditional advertising.


Published by Matthew Piggot

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