How To Make Money Recycling Scrap Metal for Beginners

How To Make Money Recycling Scrap Metal for Beginners

Jun 22, 2019, 12:14:15 AM Business

Are you concerned about the environment? Would you like to earn a little side cash? What if there was a way to actually make some extra money while contributing to help clean our planet? This is exactly what you can do when you start collecting scrap metal and selling it. Once regarded as a low-class activity, recycling for money is now an increasingly popular hobby. It’s something you can do in your spare time without any commitments, and you can do it at your own pace – which can actually be relaxing.

If you’re looking to get involved in recycling for cash, here are some useful tips to help you get started:

Get to know the local metal scrap yard

The first action you should take if you’re serious about recycling for money is to look up the nearest metal scrap yard in your area of residence. In fact, you may want to find all the local scrap yards within a reasonable radius, since there will likely be different options available specializing in different types of scrap metal. It’s also nice to have different contacts so you will have a better understanding of the current market prices for different types of metal; this will allow you to do a bit of bargaining as well as knowing which metal scrap yards pay more for which metal.

Know your metals so you will know where the money is

As well as learning where the local scrap yards are, you need to learn to recognize which types of metal are in demand. There are two main types of metal our there, as far as scrap yards are concerned: ferrous and non-ferrous (you can check the difference using a magnet, which will only stick to ferrous materials). You have to learn which objects they see as valuable; for example, you may get away with selling an old gadget made of equal parts plastic and metal – but only if the metal is not rusty. Materials that will very likely be refused by most scrap yards include wet paper and broken glass, but it’s always a good idea asking about this specifically when you visit every new scrap yard.

Common everyday objects that you can sell for a nice profit

Old cars are one of the most obvious sources of metal that many people have lying around in their backyards, doing nothing but building up rust and taking up space. If you’re looking to get rid of your old car that has no viable market value, selling it to the local scrap yard who offers free car removal service should be your main option. In case you’ve been putting this off because you assume it’s going to be a chore to move your old tin can, you can just find a metal scrap yard that buys junk cars for cash – most will agree to come by and haul away your vehicle.

Selling aluminium cans for cash is another popular option among people who are just getting started recycling for money. Aluminium cans are everywhere, they’re easy to recognize to the untrained eye, they’re easy to collect, and clearing out aluminium cans from the streets is actually a nice public service – not to mention you can actually make a decent bit of cash if you manage to collect a lot of cans.

The third most common source of scrap metal is old furniture, along with broken household appliances and recycled building materials such as electrical cables and metal wiring. Sometimes you can find a lot of valuable material while cleaning your garage and attic, and once you sell this you may start looking at every new trash pile in a new (and profitable) light.


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