Reduce that Monthly Plastic by Switching to Menstrual Cups!

Reduce that Monthly Plastic by Switching to Menstrual Cups!

Jun 10, 2019, 10:28:03 AM Life and Styles

In the last years, people have been getting more and more conscious about the environment due to the visible signs of its decline. Since plastics are known to have a negative impact and has become a hot topic, people are now choosing eco-friendly and sustainable products to live a zero-waste life.

With this said, many manufacturing companies are now innovating their products to cater to the zero-waste movement led by the community. Because of this, menstrual cups are now gaining attention all over the world since it is an eco-friendly menstrual hygiene product which helps not only the environment but also women.

Not Familiar with Menstrual Cup?

If you are late in the news and is still unclear about what menstrual cups really are, then you are just in for a good source of the said celebrity.

Menstrual cups are one of the menstrual hygiene products that work almost the same as the tampons since it is inserted into the vagina to collect blood. However, this eco-friendly cup is made out of medical grade silicone or latex rubber rather than synthetic fiber.

So, how to use it? or how to insert a menstrual cup? This is simple, especially to those women that are used to wearing tampon as the menstrual hygiene product during their period. Before your period starts, tightly fold your menstrual cup and insert it like how you do with a tampon.

But, if you are not a tampon user, fret not, since you will surely get accustomed to it. It may be a bit difficult at first, but surely you will get used as to how you use a menstrual cup.

After putting the menstrual cup in, you should hear a pop, which would mean that the cup was sealed correctly inside. Additionally, you should not feel anything under, since that would indicate that you used it correctly.

What Problem Lies with Disposable Pads and Tampons?

After all these years, it is just this era that has taken action towards the Green movement. Thus, you may be wondering as to what are the problem areas. You have been using it for a long time now, why change?

The problem with disposable tampons and pads is that a lot of its manufacturing company uses a combination of conventional cotton, a combination of bleached rayon, and it contains plastic. Did you know that the average pad contains the equivalent of four bags?

Not to mention, that beyond the plastics, it also contains dioxins, fragrance, furans, and all which are endocrine disruptors, which means that it can actually make your period cramps worse!

Also, conventional cotton is used with a lot of pesticides, which you surely do not want to put in such a sensitive area, right?

Lastly is the concern of this article: waste. The above mentioned has undoubtedly given you a gist as to why it contributes to our Earth's garbage, right? Since you might change tampons or pads every four to six hours, this means to say that in a day, you throw away those things mentioned about 2-3 times a day— imagine how you throw away in a year.

How Long Does the Cup Last?

This question might talk a lot about how durable the menstrual cup is, but also at the same time, how efficient this product is.

First off, in terms of how long the menstrual cup last, when wearing it during your period actually depends on how heavy your flow is and the cup's capability. On its average calculation, it is actually equivalent to two super tampons blood. And it is recommended to be emptied every twelve hours.

Women have testified that on their most massive days, they tend to empty the cup when waking up and before bed. Then, on the other 3-5 days, it is mostly only changed when going to bed.

Now, for the menstrual cup's durability, if you look online, you will see a lot of claims that a menstrual cup will last you for years.

There are even some people that it can really last up to ten years, but it seems like a stretch. Thus, it might be right to say that menstrual cups seem to last 2-4 years, which was popularly accounted for by the consumers.


Menstrual cups are genuinely worthy of the attention it's gaining. Not to mention that aside from it being eco-friendly, the cups are also beneficial to its women consumer, right?

On another note, menstrual cups might also be good for your health since the toxins or chemicals that are present in tampons or pads are already not included with the event.

Thus, if you are someone who is currently hesitating whether to switch up your menstrual hygiene product, then this article hopefully provided you with all the information that you need to have. 


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