Stockholm, The New Affordable Tourist Destination In Europe

Stockholm, The New Affordable Tourist Destination In Europe

Nov 2, 2018, 11:50:31 AM Life and Styles

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and happens to be a top tourist destination. The city is home to a range of natural attractions and is also rich in cultural heritage. Among the best attractions include the Stockholm archipelago that has over 30,000 islands and Vasa, a 20thC sunken warship. Last year, the city hosted the UEFA Europa League Final, an event that recorded around 46,000 fans with 83% being foreigners. In the last few years, Sweden has experienced exponential tourism growth with Stockholm being the major beneficiary.

Stockholm tourism in numbers

Today, Stockholm is a hotspot for tourists because it has attractions and is also a major communication center with airports connecting international flights, and a host of other transport networks. Stockholm is the 10th most popular travel destination in Europe. The city records over 10 million commercial overnight stay’s annually, a number that has been rising steadily in the last few years. Just recently Stockholm is ranked 6th among the 44 European cities that have fast-growing overnight spends. Just recently, statistics showed that tourists spend 50,000 more nights in June 2018 than the same period last year which is a 4% – 5% increase. The 2018 Hotel Report suggests that there has been a sudden rise of middle-class visitors because of the affordable holidays. The number of Indian and Chinese visitors has increased by 411% and 214% respectively from 2008 while visitors from the US have increased by 110%.

Falling kronor and cheap accommodation services

One of the reasons that make Stockholm a fast-growing destination is the availability of affordable accommodation. In the past five years, one of the challenges of tourism in Sweden was lack of sustainable hotel industry. But thanks to the huge developments in the hotel infrastructure, Stockholm is home to the best hospitality. You will find almost anything you want; from the best international cuisines to cheap accommodation. There are also plenty of relaxation joints and spas that offer Swedish massage in Stockholm as well as other exclusive entertainment services. Unfortunately, the recent heavy investments in the hotels have destabilized the market and prices have dropped because of oversupply. For tourists, this is an advantage as accommodation costs are high in many other top cities.

You will also agree with me that Sweden is a cheap country to visit. Not long ago, Forbes listed Sweden among the most affordable tourist destinations that you should visit because of their weakening currency. The Swedish kronor has been falling in the recent months to an all-time low in almost a decade. While this may be hurting the locals, international tourists get to enjoy cheap holidays. The cheap holidays have led to the drastic increase of middle-class visitors, especially from China.

Wrapping up

As the kronor continues to weaken, more visitors are expected to flood Stockholm. Cheap destinations seem to be the main factor tourists consider when choosing a holiday. Also, emerging trends like AirBnB have further made it easy to get affordable accommodation in Stockholm. Even though Sweden has been on the spot recently over Chinese tourists mistreatment, we expect the numbers to plummet this year.


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