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If yesterday some things like pleasant website design, cool branding, sort of IDX search were enough for a good real estate website – today it’s just a starter kit for creating a perfect digitally-driven web-resource. It’s a matter of fact that today’s customers expect much more from your real estate website. 
We've analyzed more than 1000 top real estate websites to bring you the common, must-have site elements that will drive visitors’ engagement and conversion to your website! 

1. About us page

Use the undeniable advantage of the top real estate websites – showcase your network, your company’s market influence stats, testimonials of your happy clients and other important things to show your expertise. 
Learn more: How To Write Perfect About Me Page

2. Agents’ profiles

Real estate agents are without a doubt the company’s image creators but also relationship builders. So you need to create a special website section devoted to your crew, that will keep sellers and buyers engaged with each other.  
The top employees’ profiles may include bio, testimonials, successful deals and, of course, the contact info. 

3. High-quality photos

Perfect images are indispensable. If you won’t be able to impress visitors in a few seconds, they will leave your site for the competitors’ websites.
It’s a good practice to create large slides on the top of the page and to place the best photos here to keep the visitors on your website. Add the selection of real estate objects under these slides.

4. Usability

Website usability is the main crucial thing for all websites. Easy navigation, clear website structure, readable fonts and search with filters significantly increase the number of your potential clients. 

5. MLS & IDX search

  • Designing a website, ask yourself these important questions:
  • Are the company’s listing services offered as a flawless search experience?
  • Do the website visitors have a possibility to search for open houses?
  • Can they search by municipal aspects, such as the recreation district?
  • Are visitors offered a possibility to search property by neighborhoods that aren’t recognized by the MLS?
  • Can they use a polygon search?
  • Are all the search results demonstrated clearly with the precise map view?
  • There are some crucial tips that will help you to convert much more leads on property search web pages:
  • Offer a “Saved Search” function to give a possibility to agree to receive the email updates;
  • Use the pop-ups to get leads upon the first website search or after checking out a certain number of listings;
  • Place a visible "Register Now" button on the search page. Make sure that you have highlighted all the important options like saving multiple search results, preferred listings, etc.

6. Area profiles
People very rarely come to a real estate website searching for property by state or city. In order to let your buyers easily find what they really need, you have to showcase certain neighborhoods and/or communities. 
This page has a certain advantage for SEO, both with the help of URL with the neighborhood’s name and keywords, hyperlinks, and video content.

7. Clear neighborhood & lifestyle info

If you want to act like a professional, you have to sell a lifestyle, not a real estate property. Help your clients to feel how a house you’re selling will fit within the goals of their lifestyle! 
Precise community info has to showcase nearby facilities like supermarkets, kindergartens and schools, hospitals and pharmacies, restaurants, recreation areas, and parks – all this helps to demonstrate your proficiency and keep your customers engaged, and, of course, bring in more leads. 

8. Convincing CTAs and easy to find contacts

Your main business goal is to get a call from the client. And then it's time to turn on another call to action. So it is not surprising that all the top real estate websites have one common feature: a bright call-to-action button with the contact details at the bottom of the page!
9. Feedback form

Of course, the buyer should be able not only to see all available offers but also to easily apply or send you a letter directly from the website.

10. Online calculators

One of the best proven tools to capture the new buyer or seller leads is making their life easier!
The «Price of my house» and «Mortgage Estimator” is the must-have option on your website. This tool is guaranteed to bring in genuinely active leads.
11. Blog, news and other important info

In addition to ads for the sale and rental of real estate, the site should also have other useful information: tips, regulations, legal advice and news on mortgage loans. Market reports are another wonderful conversion opportunity, so do your best to offer related automatic email updates with the crucial data. 
The information that refers to property sales, current prices is the best way to show you as an expert and keep your customers interested in your website. 

12. The updates
It is quite an obvious thing but not everyone regularly updates the information on a website.  

If the property is rented or sold, immediately remove the ad from the site. Do not forget to update the database and news feed on time.

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